Sunday, March 10, 2013

Modern Parenting

Mistress MJ made 2 mistakes today:

1) Getting out of bed
2) Leaving the house


Whilst Mistress MJ was peacefully going about her business, purchasing a few items in a shop, a child was having a temper tantrum on the floor.

This went on for QUITE SOME TIME, with the mother standing nearby, yet ignoring him.

This is not the first time Mistress MJ has witnessed a parent letting a child carry on at an unreasonable decibel level in a public place. It seems to be the practice now of modern parents to let their children "get it out of their system" in public rather than hauling them outside so that we do not have to hear them.

Mistress MJ agrees with a shopping centre in Sydney, Australia that has taken measures to to prevent parents from letting their children run amok in the food court and "scream at the highest decibels." They put up a sign following complaints from shoppers that out-of-control children were ruining their experience. The sign, from centre management, reads: "Stop! Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre."

I should have stayed in bed playing show tunes.


*awaits hate mail from mommy bloggers*


  1. I hate it when a toddler is being a toddler and having a fit and their parents aren't being parents by dealing with it. I want to slap the parents and tell them to get off their lazy ass and deal with it.

  2. "Children are like farts: your own are just about tolerable but everyone else's are horrendous." - Jason Fender


  3. I blame it on the Teletubbies ...

  4. If us kids had ever behaved like some of the snotty nosed little shites you see today, we'd have our ears boxed and/or faces slapped.

    I figure parents today are too scared to touch their kids, for fear of being accused of "child abuse".

  5. [fluffs pillows]

    More vodka?

  6. I've just asked Carmen to prepare a soothing tisane for my nerves, just the very thought of a screaming child brings on one of my heads.

  7. best sign kabuki ever saw "All unattended children will be given a puppy" Screaming children are a cottage industry in California

  8. It not un-common to see signs here in Bucks County shops and eatries to see sign prohibitng childern under 12. I can't take squalling, screaming newborn yoddles and a child was having a temper tantrum either. This is why some species eat their young!

  9. thankfully i'll be dead when these selfish, indulged
    piglets are grown and acting out.

  10. It's "Open Mic Night," Bitches.

    Check the new post and have your say.

  11. sorry i'm late but I've just had a similar experience at the local shops... The trouble with parents these days is that they think they have to be their childs friend over and above the responsibility of being a parent... and if they do ever do some real parenting like setting limits, boundaries and placing expectations on what constitutes acceptable public behaviour will result in their children not loving them any more... Insecure breeders piss me off!

    There should be a parenting licence!

  12. Did anyone ever really fuck you? I thought so.