Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Hiatus Returns

Mistress MJ now resumes her summer hiatus.

If you’re lacking for something to do, visit some of the fine bitches listed on our blogroll.


  1. 1st

    I miss The Mistress already. Again.

  2. 2nd - me too - hi xl - I have tissues if you have a tear like I do.

    Your Slave misses you Mistress.

  3. Damn, use the ashtray!

  4. 4th!!
    Indeed... I am also supposed to be resting up. But I have been updating my make-up bag and have a few hints, tips and tricks for any bitches who would like to book an appointment at the Infomaniac House of Beauty... a tarot card reading and a 5% discount for the first three bitches who sign up. Bargain!

  5. Aww for a moment there all was well in my world.

    But I can’t resist one more dig...

    Beware of the House of Beauty!

    Let me save you all the trouble of a tarot reading -

    “Things will mysteriously fall off of your body”

    Also book all of your appointments with the nude one at the Hair Hall of Fame. Not the Mistress. She made my head fall off. Then ran a pike up into it and paraded it around the village for all to see as a warning.

    See you in church Mistress.

  6. What is this guy doing with my hoover??? I need it to keep the red carpet clean for your comeback!!!

  7. What is this guy doing with my hoover??? I need it to keep the red carpet clean for your comeback!!!

  8. ((I don't have a stammer; it's just Blogger doing the regular stupid things again))

  9. she's here, she's gone, she's here, she's gone.

    i'm dizzy.

  10. She gets a frequent flyer discount at her rehab. Another three "visits" and she can cash in on an digital rectal thermometer.

  11. *slaps Mr Pirate*
    *on his very pert bum*

  12. 429th! Yay!!

    I've just been over to Michael Guy's place and left a “I was sent here by MJ from Infomaniac.” message.

    Just doing the Mistresses bidding.

  13. Of course, that final sentence should have been: Just doing the Mistress's bidding. I don't know where that pesky e came from?

  14. That looks like my mother in her younger days.

    Although I doubt my father cleaned for even a minute in his life.

  15. I bet that's not the only carpet he's going to work on in that house tonight!

  16. Hmmmm I re appear just as Miss MJ dissapears again
    Has anyone ever seen us in the same room at the same time.
    Conspiracies abound
    The truth is out there!
    ***breaks wind on a cake and exits stage left***

  17. ... right comes the mistress ...
    *kicks cake*
    *huffs out*

  18. 'Miss tresses',
    Obviously that is her working name over at 'The Hair Hall of Fame'
    I like it... It has a certain drag quality...

  19. she's in, she's out. A classic case of the old 'in & out' syndrome. kabuki was once caught doing the old 'in & out'. it was not as embarassing as it was vulgar.

  20. I have plenty to do than read blogs, hate crimes don't do themselves ya know.

  21. MJ, it's happening again!

    Some of your comments have reappeared on my blog and yours, too!

    Not all of them have returned, but some of them. I've looked at the post dated Monday, June 28, 2010 Everybody out of the Pool and your first post on your blog. Even a few of the Freakin Green Elf Shorts related posts I've seen seem to have your comments returned.

    Some of your comments are still missing from other posts, but I take it as a real positive sign that Blogger is working hard to solve the problem! Good news.

  22. Cross my fingers and toes... my comments are slowly appearing again; not all, but most of them.

    Eros' last surge worked!

    I hope we'll soon have them all back, MJ!

  23. MJ,

    If you're out there and have some time, please check if all you're comments are back -some of them are still missing, as it happens to mine too-.

    Not just in your blog, but in fellow blogs.

    I've posted this in the Blogger forum: not all the comments are back. The Nitecruzr guy seems to have changed our issue's priority from LOW to TOP.

    Here's the link to the thread:

    I'm plucking up my courage to post with my old username. I hope this comment is still here tomorrow.

  24. My comments are back!!!

    Mistress MJ will come out of hiatus tomorrow (temporarily) to post a thank you to Eroswings and the rest of you bitches who helped restore my missing comments.

  25. Yay!

    MJ and Leni comments are returning to mine as well!

  26. It's true!

    MJ's comments are starting to grow back all over the place.

    It's a genuine miracle.

    Next thing you know her image of the stripey tights will begin to appear in breakfast toast across the land.

  27. ... nomnomnom ...

  28. Finally - may the heat, humidity, hostility and such be banished. with the return of mj's powers all seem right in the universe. except kabuki is out of popsicles, and burly men to hand kabuki popsicles. it is an imperfect world after all. sigh