Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guess the Brits Competition

Welcome to the first of three exciting new contests here this week on Infomaniac!

Today is our “GUESS THE BRITS” Competition.


There will be contests for everyone else (except Canadians) later this week but today only Americans may enter the competition.


1. Guess the names of the 10 people pictured below. The “personalities” in the photos are from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

2. Email your answers to us. Our email address is in our Blogger Profile.
The comments are closed as we want to avoid people guessing out loud in the comments section and giving away the answers.

3. Sit back and wait until Monday, July 27th when the photos will be identified and a winner will be chosen. Comments will be open again for Monday’s post.

Note that some of the photos have 2 people pictured together. This is because the pair either work together as a team or are closely connected personally. It’s okay if you can only guess the name of one or the other.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.











Guess as many as you can and email your answers to us on Saturday or Sunday.

The people featured here are all alive (at the time of this posting) and are all popular personalities in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


We are limiting those who enter the contest to Americans only because most of our readers are either from the USA or the UK. We’d like to see how they do when pitted against each other.

We want to see how many of these people you Americans recognize.

How much does one country really know about the other?

And yes, we realize that the term “Brits” doesn’t accurately describe everyone in the UK but we’re using that word to simplify matters. Our apologies to any Scots, Welsh or Northern Irish who have their snouts out of joint.

Good luck, bitches!

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