Friday, June 08, 2007

Shenis Envy

Back in March, Infomaniac posted about Women Who Pee Standing Up.

We mentioned a variety of devices designed for women on the go who wish to pish in a standing position.

Well it seems there’s a gadget we missed out on … the Shenis!

The Shenis is gold and twelve inches long. In other words, it really is the Equalizer. It also gives us girls a chance to pee on road trips. While boating. Camping. Even outside of bars if we want. Just like men. Most important, we can do it standing up.


Put in place
zip up

Pee like a man, now you can!


  1. Yay! First!

    Whats with the bent knees crap?

    They may be able to do it standing up now, but they can't do it standing up straight, it appears.

    Inferior cunts.

  2. you can tell its a woman - she's aimed straight into the bowl...

  3. Having your fanny tickled by vegetation while you pee isn't necessarily a bad thing...

  4. Ooh, i SO need one of those! When we compete in head races all the blokes can stand up before the race and pee out the boat, but us lassies either have to hold it or pee on oursleves. I'm totally going to get a shenis. I can't wait to see the looks on the other rowers' faces when i stand up in the boat and pee out the side!!!!!

  5. That's not going to fit in my hand bag.

  6. PIGGY: Oh, wot’s this? Is this the blogger formerly known as John formerly known as Piggy? What alias will you be assuming NEXT week?

    This woman was obviously about to break out into the Austrian Schuhplattler dance to liven up the otherwise ho-hum pishing experience. Hence the bent knees.

    JJ: Spot on!

    If she really wanted to pish like a man, she’d look at the ceiling to ensure accuracy of aim.

    Call and they'll come to you
    Smiling and covered with dew
    Vegetables dream,
    Vegetables dream,
    Vegetables dream,
    Of responding to you.
    - Frank Zappa, “Call Any Vegetable”

    CB: Please inform us when you post pics (and a video) of this on your blog.

    TICKERS: But it’ll fit in that little shitbox car of yours.

    And isn’t a car just a big purse on wheels?

  7. Hrrumph!
    My word Madame. I do not approve of anything that tampers with the natural order of micturition.

    Regardless of such scientific advances availing themselves to the fairer sex, the pursuit of 'happy penis' should be best left in the capable hands of the Gentlemen down at the Club.

    We are not amused.
    Good Day to you Madame!!

  8. HE: Oh blow it out your urethra!

  9. The device has other uses as well I am sure.

  10. Why are weemen so insecure? as long as they can make a nice cup of tea and satisfy my lustful needs they are worth having around, gingers will of course be judged on a case by case basis.

  11. MJ has penis envy

  12. CYBERPETE: Other uses for the Shenis?

    Like a fire extinguisher, perhaps?

    KNUDSEN: Men are worth having around if they do my bidding.

    I'll make you a nice cup of tea if you'll lick my shoes clean.

    CONNIE: If I could have a penis, it would have to be considerably larger than yours.

  13. Its also possible this has some bizarre psycho-sexual meaning - did anyone think og that?? Blogpower voting is on.... follow the link on my blog to vote for me...I am being crushed by the forces of reaction at the moment...

  14. Talk about taking the piss!

    Next thing they will be painting flowers on it.

    Yes and for Gawds sake stand up woman and buy a different dress.

    It looks like something MJ would buy.

  15. MUTLEY: Vote for you?

    First I need to know your position on fitting microchips to wheelie bins and fortnightly rubbish collection.

    SID: My bitch is back!

    In your absence, I asked Knudsen to drop by to lick my shoes clean but now that you’re here, I’d prefer you to do my bidding.

    Your tongue action is superior.

  16. It was a fuckin' bitch and a half staying still while they made the cast of my cock. The plaster of paris made it itch like fuck an' all.

  17. EDDIE: If we pluck your pubes one by one out of the plaster, it won't hurt as much as if we just give it one big rip.

  18. The one stood at the toilet has man's knees and feet.

    Must be MJ

  19. CONNIE: *kicks Connie in the mangina*

  20. *knees Convict in mangina - then kicks SID just for the hell of it*

    I just couldn't resist.

  21. I so want one of those now.

    If merely for shock value, it would certainly be worth the money.

  22. PISSOFF: I hope you're wearing steel-toed boots or hip waders.

    Connie's mangina is a toxic waste dump.

    AWA: It doubles as a truncheon so c'mon. Join us and give Connie a good thwack.

  23. Sure

    fire extinguisher

    that's it!

    Or just pull it out of the purse on those special occations

  24. CYBERPETE: Like when I need a backscratcher?

  25. Great invention. Can they write their names in the snow? Why gold?
    What are they doing with them when not peeing?

  26. MYTOES: Email the Sheenis inventor! And report back to us.