Monday, June 11, 2007

Rain City

To Stevey, Tazzy and Piggy, IVD, SID, and Maidy who all tried to cheer me up yesterday with your Sally Sunshine images from abroad…

*mutters something under my breath about “with friends like you”*

I thank you.

Anyone want to guess what the forecast calls for here again today?

SID and Piggy dance and laugh merrily at my plight. Evil bastards.

And who’s the sick mind behind THIS product?…


  1. Its Loverly here in Hebden Bridge. Cracking The Flags as they say!
    love from Shirley Temple

  2. * siiiiiiiiigghhh *

    If it makes you feel any better, it rained a little - well, drizzle actually - last night here.

  3. Bugger. That was me. I went and lost my device again...

  4. I have sun burn as I was on the beach all day... and swimming and oh fishing and some floating as well...

  5. TONY aka SHURL: If you don't shut it, and I quote Miss Temple here from her ditty The Good Ship Lollipop, "You'll awake with a tummy ache."

    IVD: Did you lose your device on your recent trip to Saturn? Or was that Uranus?

    MUTLEY: I picture you doing the dog paddle.

  6. Well, it certainly wasn't Uranus!

    It could've been -

    Ah, I nearly fell for that one MJ, you cunning minx!

  7. I hope it's not rain that's been collected from anywhere near that stinking gas clock!

  8. IVD: Well you haven't lived 'til you've been to Planet MJ.

    You wanton little witch.

    PIGGY: It's probably piss collected from the numerous addicts who hang out around the clock.

  9. No, I *want* to live, which is why I *haven't* been to your planet (is that what you're calling it these days? Is it an indication of size?)

  10. IVD: Get out of my orbit if you value your life. My planet is emitting a toxic gas.

    You should know all about this, being that you're our resident ASStronomer.

  11. Vancouver Rain, could be the next Tom Ford fragrance.

    Like his cucumber fragrance

  12. Yes but the rain it Blessed?

    I don't want some proddie product.

  13. It's more likely a 'prossie' product from round those parts.

  14. CYBERPETE: As long as it doesn't smell of IVD.

    SID and PIGGY: I was going to send a vial of Rain to each of you but I've changed my mind.

    No 'pressies' from the Proddie for either of you.

  15. Proddie Prossie?

    *contemplates sending a 'sample' of finest Yorkshire water to MJ*

  16. PIGGY: I didn't say "Proddie prossie" you pussy.

  17. It's really a vial of MJ fluid from her last golden showers session.

  18. SID: Partake of my vile vial and be servile.

  19. Its lovely here in Killamory, cold and dark just like my heart.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Just the way a heart should be, Knudsen.

    MJ: My sensors have observed that your planet doesn't have any fridgid poles.

    Funny that.

    Must be something to do with all that toxic Vancouver Rain...

    Oops. Omitted something from the first comment.

  22. KNUDSEN: Have you considered a career in Public Relations with the Killamory Tourist Board?

    I've an urge to pack up and go just reading your description.

    IVD: The only frigid Pole is Tony.

  23. HELLO look where you live?
    In a good year You average about 363 rainy grey frickin depressing days of the year and about 14 bloody hours of sunshine per annum!
    That is the good news about your location..

    the bad news is that your location is 100 years overdue for an Earthquake that will be about an 11 on the sphincter scale and everybody will be surfing to Banff on a huge tsunami!

  24. Probably will not rain her in LA until October. Very arrid, dry, dusty. Just like your cunt.

  25. No doubt because of the washing effect of the rain, this was a very clean post..until the mob arrived.

  26. HE: No! Not Alberta! I don't wanna go!

    WARING: *shoves tumbleweed down Waring's throat*

    KAZ: I'll need your vodka to perform a purification ceremony.