Monday, April 12, 2010

Name That Willy!

Every willy should have it’s own special nickname.

And so we are gathered here today to give Ayem8y’s willy a name …

(clicking makes it grow!)

There is no prize for this contest, so don’t wet yourselves with excitement.

And while you’re here, tell us your weenie’s nickname! Or your lover’s weenie.

Note: All this is just a cheap ploy to post a photo of Ayem8y’s toolkit.


  1. Oh how cute, that must be his little "cabin boy"...

  2. PS: If memory serves, "Little Jimmy" retired the trophy about a year and a half ago.

  3. $10.00! Oh, wait, we're not playing The Price Is Right?

    Anyway, my answer stands, for all three of your questions.

  4. I thought he'd've called it his First Mate!

    I don't have a penis nickname. But for the right price, you can call it whatever you want!

    Ahoy, there, Infomaniac readers!

  5. OMG!

    For the record he doesn’t have a name as of yet but acquaintances call him “perfect” all the time.


    Little Pirate sounds good...thank you XL.

    As for you Mistress, I’m going to dick whip you with my penis you bad girl you.

    Jason, I had my penis tattooed with $1,000,000. but when it is travel size it reads ten dollars.

    $10.00, I think we got a winner! you know, “I am a very stylish girl”.

    Let me just ask this time,

    “Is there an official penis of the Infomaniac blog?”

    I humbly submit mine as there really doesn’t seem to be any real takers in this event.

    If the other readers would like to submit pictures of their dicks please do...I would love to see any up-stagers and will gladly step aside for any attractive penis over the 9” mark.

    Cum on you know you guys want to.

  6. BITCHES: Please take note of Ayem8y's request...

    If the other readers would like to submit pictures of their dicks please do

  7. *swooning at the very thought*

    I'm yet to procure a pic of my alluring arse to forward to the Mistress!

    There is one of my face tho...

    Oh and one of my glorious locks....

  8. I'm completely distracted by the beautiful hands and impeccably maintained nails...

    I shall be back.

  9. Master Bates.
    I am a Captain Pugwash fan.

  10. Here is something that might help discussuion....

  11. Mine has a nickname. It's called "Hap-penis".

  12. le monstér, but you have to say it with a french accent and like a bit of a grunt

  13. Totally mesmerised by the Little Pirate, I've decided to stop lurking.

    My favorite weenie's nickname is dragon. But that one's not transferable for the moment.

  14. LENI: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    We recognize you from Mago’s and Mr. Mutley’s, amongst others.

    Oh, and see next comment.

    BITCHES: Infomaniac hereby declares Ayem8y’s willy to be the Official Penis of Infomaniac.

    As you can see, Ayem8y’s cock had the power to lure Miss Leni Qinan (Official Infomaniac Lurker) out from behind the keyhole and into the arms of Infomaniac Bitches.

    Nonetheless, the challenge remains for the rest of Infomaniac’s male bitches to submit photos of their willies.

    Our inbox is open!

  15. Congratulations 8y!

  16. Hi Leni!

    We're all very nice here. Welcome!

  17. I don't name other people's pricks, but mine is "The Bald Avenger"

  18. clicking make it grow...heh...(i did not click)

  19. Since its in orange how about "Big Ian Paisley." or you could go with his son Ian Paisley Jnr if it keeps fucking up.

  20. “BITCHES: Infomaniac hereby declares Ayem8y’s willy to be the Official Penis of Infomaniac.”

    Yay! Let me just say that this is an honor that I will treasure for as long I can possibly remember it.

    Also I realize that thongs aren’t to everybody’s liking but Mistress makes me wear it while cleaning the pool and the moat and dusting and serving drinks...all the time really.

  21. BITCHES: Mistress MJ would like to go on record stating that everything Ayem8y just said about his thong is true.