Thursday, November 01, 2007

We’re Revoking Your Man Card!

It has come to Infomaniac’s attention that some of you bitches should have your Man Cards revoked.

(for those of you with failing eyesight, click the above pic to enlarge print)

Several male Infomaniac readers have failed their gender in some respect or they've been out and out unmanly.

Tell us who you think deserves to have their Man Card revoked and why.

And is there any possible way they can have their Man Card re-instated?

Smunty: man card revoked for ridiculous headgear


  1. What?

    They made me wear it!

    There, I've just farted Bolero on the cat!

    Now give me my man card back.

  2. Bolero isn't really that manly is it?

    Ok, just farted 'So What' by Metallica on the cat, and accidently curled one out on his head.

    I pushed too hard to finish the chorus.

    Now I must truly be a man of superior manliness!

  3. Hell by the look of it most lesbians are more worthy of a man card than the lot of men in here

  4. besides me what men do you have reading yer blog? the last time I checked the only power tools yer lot used had the name ass master 2000 doon the side of them.

    I just blew me man muck over some gurl's face and wiped me lad clean with her dog, all the while holding a beer (not lite beer) and watching the snooker on the telly.

    I am man hear me belch!

  5. I had mine revoked a long time ago.

    And I don't want it back!

  6. Just came back to find you've been blogging up a storm in my absence.

    I'm just off to have another look at Rimshot's arse.

    If IVD doesn't want one perhaps Rimshot could have two.

  7. Arg! Metallica did not pen "So What" it was written and originally performed by The Anti-Nowhere League.

    Card still revoked.

  8. I love power tools.

    I also burp 'Arsenal' every now and again.

    My man card is valid.

    As for Smunty... He lost his for wearing ridiculous headgear?

    And there was me thinking it was because he's so girly.

  9. I think Smuty looks quite fetching in his little hat. Remeber the saying "Get ahead, get a hat" perhaps it should be "To get head, get a hat".

    I have two man cards.

  10. I ripped up a wooden fence with my bare hands at the weekend. Then I took it to the manly tip and threw it away with my bare hands.

    I'm all man.

  11. SMUNTY: WHO made you wear the ridiculous headgear?

    The voices in your head?

    CYBERPOOF: All lesbians hold man cards.

    And know how to use power tools.

    KNUDSEN: Wasn’t your father a Scottish Viking?

    Smunty plays the Viking card too in his quest for manliness.

    It’s not washing for either of you.

    IVD: You never had a Man Card in the first place.

    KAZ: Rimshot has two cards up his arse.

    RIMMER: See comment to Kaz.

    PIGGY: Perhaps you’d like to teach girly man SID how to use power tools, then?

    And have you noticed how smooth and well-manicured his lady hands are?

    Card revoked from SID!

    FROBI: Smuty?…Smutty! Smunty’s new name…SMUTTY.

    Hee hee. Ta, Frobi.

    GEOFF: Wow! That testosterone patch has really paid off!

  12. "All lesbians hold man cards.

    And know how to use power tools."

    Not the ones in my imagination. They have long, flowing hair and wear makeup and don't own a single item of flannel. They also don't weigh more than me.

    And they let me hold the camera.

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  14. meanwhile, mj's still in a pout having had hers revoked by the canadian mounted police. she shaves just a little too often.

  15. The Mounties ALWAYS get their man!

    and speaking of Mounties...
    I am the very embodiment of Studly Do-Me-Right.
    110% MAN!

    hands up where I can see them..
    please step away from the card M'am.

  16. 110% frightens me more than a little. What is the extra 10% made of?

  17. FN: The Mounties always get their man.

    HE: Yes, you have some 'splainin' to do. "110 per cent" is my pet peeve phrase. And every second Canuck seems to be saying it. Make it stop!

  18. Go on ... I triple dawg dare ya to revoke Geo's card.

    And the lesbos I've known in my life ranged from "OH.MY.G-D!!!!!" to "ohmygod ... scary." Some made Geo look like a girly man. And that's sayin sumthin.

  19. MAIDY: What's Geo going to do if I revoke his Man Card?

    Throw mushy peas at me?

    RIMMER: Listen to Maidy. She's our resident lesbo expert.

  20. MAIDY: No!!!!!

    The kvetching would kill me!

  21. Leezers reject cock but want to be macho give them therapy not man cards.
    I think intense protestant bible study should go a long with ever man card.

    Prison gheyers and those who like Bangkok gurlyboys while drunk are total men.

  22. Ol' Knud doth protest too much, methinks.

  23. Makes a change from the "Invoke A Man" cards your usually handing out.

    Whaddya mean I'm no good with power tools?

    I can break things,can't I?

  24. CYBERPOOF: You're wasting your breath on Geo.

    He's probably off on one of his WWII re-enactments.

    Last time anyone saw him, he was goose-stepping in front of a synagogue in full Nazi regalia.

    KNUDSEN: The 12 times you did it in prison doesn't count as ghey, does it?

    RIMMER: Knudsie's a PROTESTant, that's why.

    HE: The Yanks won't understand what you're on about.

    SID: "Choke" A Man, in your case.

    Has that hole in your thumb healed up yet?

    Admit it. You have a girlish giggle.

  25. I never assume that the Yanks understand anything that I say. The same goes for your readers from Burkina Faso, Tuvalu, Latvia or Labrador.

  26. HE: Case closed.

    See Maidy's comment.

  27. If I can hammer a nail with my cock, does that count as a power tool?

    Or, how about farting my name for my buddies? Does that still count?

  28. MAN: You can take your farting talents elsewhere but you're gonna be in big demand with your sledgehammer.

  29. I have revoked my own card.....unable to handle proper beverages.....piss poor eh...

  30. MANUEL: And you call yourself an Irishman.