Sunday, November 04, 2007

Salacious Sunday

How do you use this thing?...

Does it work?

Does it come with a guarantee?

Got any better suggestions?


  1. There's no better horny remover than a mental picture of IDV in them Freakin Green Elf Shorts.

    As soon as I feel the horny descending upon my nethers I conjure up that image and as if by magic the horny is banished!

  2. There's no better horny remover than a mental picture of Smunty nekkid.

    Apart from a real-life sight of him nekkid.

    Which we've seen.

    Affected us for month's, so it did.

  3. Forget 'horny' - I'd buy two and stick them down my jumper.

  4. Why that looks like something that would increase your horniness MJ??

  5. Piggy - Affected you for months? Thats why you didn't need to pick up your Viagra prescriptions then!

  6. How really how odd is that thing.....

  7. SMUNTY: Is that why you have a life-size poster of IVD in your work locker?

    PIGGY: I need more details.

    What was Smunty doing at the time?

    Is it really as bendy as they say?

    Is it bigger than “Wee SID”?

    KAZ: Perhaps we can get a group discount.

    SID: Not if it’s talking to me in Engrish.

    SMUNTY: Tell us more about Piggy seeing you nekkid.

    Did his pupils dilate?

    Did he get a wee stiffy?

    MANUEL: Happy birthday, Manuel!

    This horny remover is your gift! Oh right, you said “hangover” remover.

  8. According to most men, the ultimate horny remover is a wife.

  9. I'm the last person in the universe to require the help of viagra.

    Mine has a life all of its own and I'm constantly having to do everything I can to tire it out.

  10. RIMMER: I'll have to turn down Maidy's proposal, then.

    Anyway, she's after a shag from Knudsen now.

    PIGGY: Like wanking to Smunty's photograph?

  11. No. Just letting him have some playtime in Tazzy's mouth.

    If Tazzy's not around, I just rub him on that tacky wee Canuck bear some trollop sent us.

  12. PIGGY: Poor wee Canuck Stan.

    I'm calling in the Mounties!

  13. If she's got horny elbows she should really be wearing long sleeves.

  14. PIGGY: You’re not a fit bear daddy!

    Geoff: Perhaps she could find more modest clothing here.

  15. Theres enough Knudsen to go around (only ladies and gurlyboys may apply)

  16. Ew! I thought I was feeling more violated than usual.

    That Horny Remover better have a switchblade, then it really will live up to it's name. Won't it Smunty?!

  17. KNUDSEN: Look below you.

    There's yer next gurlyboy.

  18. I too like to dress in a way to honour God and give him glory.

  19. According to Babel Fish the characters in the yellow bar translates as "Me no horny"

    Their Marketing Department should stop hiring proof readers from the Dang Ling Participle Academy and Charlie Chan Filmfest Emporium.

    Now a moment of silence, for all the brave lads from the Sudbury area who so gallantly gave their lives to keep China British.

  20. If you are a cheap son-of-a-bitch you can lose your horniness by simply looking at your wife.

  21. It's almost Monday.

    Only an hour or so to go!

  22. Hah! I'm so lame I looked it up. Pathetic. This apparatus removes bunions from Chinese peoples feet. Pop one of these out when yer horny and scrape off your corns then your partner is no longer horny.

  23. So you are supposed to scrape the horniness off? I wasn't aware that elbows were an erogenous zone. At least, mine aren't. Am I missing out on something?

  24. Hello Monday!

    MJ not posted yet?

    She's a lazy cunt, ain't she?

  25. IVD: Trying to hide your 5 o’clock shadow, ladyboy?

    HE: You know you can’t mention Sudbury without me breaking out into full-force Stompin’ Tom mode…

    “The girls are out to Bingo and the boys are gettin' stinko,
    And we think no more of Inco on a Sudbury Saturday night.”

    WAITRESS: Is this more of a problem if your feet are bound?

    PRU: You’re unaware that elbows are an erogenous zone?

    What if Johnny Depp were licking your elbows?

    I rest my case.

    PIGGY: Oh for fuck’s sake! Argghhhhh!!!