Saturday, November 03, 2007

800th Posting

Don’t think for a minute that I’m going to do another posting for you today.

I’ve had it up to here catering to you ungrateful, demanding bitches.

I’m taking the day off.


  1. 800

    I have a sideline as a psychiatric consultant for obsessive compulsive disorder sufferers. Give me a call, my rates are very reasonable.

  2. GARFY & MAIDY: "I’ve had it up to here catering to you ungrateful, demanding bitches."

    Especially you two!

  3. Wouldn't 'pandering' be better than 'catering'.

    I like being pandered me.

  4. GARFY:

    Pander: Definition: To pimp; to cater to the gratification of the lust of another.

    Fine. Make a list. I'll see what I can do.

  5. We're quite used to your 'days off' by now.

    Lazy fucking clap-ridden cunt.

  6. Only 800?

    It feels like so much more.

    And get that half a boiled egg out of that wench's hair.

  7. You deserve a rest. Don't listen to these cruel and vindictive people. Put your feet up and enjoy yourself.
    Let's face it, it can't have been easy to produce 800 postings of such outstanding mediocrity, can it?

  8. I know you give lots of fucks really ....don't you?

    I hope so!

  9. Why the need for a list? You know I love that thing you do to me with your crack pipe when we're naked in the jacuzzi together.

  10. Good one day's peace from the shouts of "Show me your arse"

  11. Why aren't you just an angel with fucking horns.

  12. PIGGY: You say "Lazy fucking clap-ridden cunt" like it's a bad thing.

    IVD: Do you really want to see what I've hidden in my bouffant?

    Don't make me pull it out and use it on you.

    VICUS: Mediocrity?

    If you print out my blog I think you'll find it makes a superior bog roll.

    KAZ: I'd give one to you but I know you're cutting back.

    GARFY: Discretion, please!

    Ah but it was a grand craic.

    MANUEL: That'll give you a day's grace to pick the splinters out of yer arse.

    WAITRESS: That would be a horny angel, then.

  13. * hastily backs off and attempts to bind the bouffant *

  14. It's tomorrow now.

    *taps finger on desk*

  15. Uhh you are passed out youwine drinking yank?(a guess with you being Canadian) I got an ass crack for ya you Freak! We all know how you love stank ass.

    Now I'm feeling good in the neighborhood.

  16. IVD: You created my bouffant.

    Now deal with it.

    RIMMER: Done.

    PIGGY: Oh look. It's still Saturday here.

    *reminds Piggy for the umpteenth time about 8 hour time difference*

    WAITRESS: Rum cocktails, actually.

    I wanted Manuel's arse.

    I should have been more specific.