Tuesday, November 06, 2007

International Smunty Day

Welcome, everyone!

Today, November 6th, has been designated International Smunty Day.

A day for us to celebrate our favourite sexually-confused, Dorsetian postie, Smunty Steve.

Yesterday you saw a pouty, sulky Smunty on my blog. Remember this?…

It wasn’t long before Grumpy Smunty made an appearance over at SID’s as you can see here…

Then Grumpy Smunty showed up on Connie’s blog too …

Well I’m here to show you that our Smunty’s not always a sulky grumpypants.

Let’s have a look at the many moods of Smunty, shall we?







And finally…


Which of Smunty’s many moods do you prefer?

And how will you celebrate International Smunty Day?


  1. If I absolutely have to chose, then I prefer Scratchy Smunty.
    But only because it looks like he's far away from civilisation in that picture, so whatever foul creatures are dropping from his bits shouldn't be able to infest the population.

    As to how I'm going to celebrate? Trying to remove the image of Stupid Smunty from my mind, will be a good start. It's disturbing!

  2. You're all cunts.........

    *runs to bedroom, sobbing hysterically*

    *throws self on bed*

    *lays on bed bawling uncontrollably*

  3. I prefer Grumpy Smunt,though as I said after seeing so many,I'm quite depressed.

    I intend to celebrate the day by getting the word Smunty into some part of my daily conversation.

    How depressing is that?

  4. I fell for baby smunty.Such retro style.

    Odd 'cos i don't like babies.

  5. I prefer "butt fucked by big black man" Smunty.

    I will celebrate the day by putting a lit firework in the local post box.

  6. Sorry, my mistake - I had two tabs open on my screen and got confused.

  7. I like pouty Smunty because I like Transformers. Maybe he'll transform into a happy lad today.

    And maybe I'm Mahalia Jackson.

    I shall celebrate by being a moody, whiny assed trog who loves to be dominated.

    Oh shit, I already am.

    Then I shall celebrate in the same style as S.I.D, by using "smunty" and "smunt" at least once in everyday conversation.

    smunt (noun) a sexual confused person esp. a male (e.g., "Look at that smunty in his evening gown and Doc Martens)

    smunt'-ee or smun'-tee (adj.) 1. whiny; constantly complain and/or moan (e.g., "Quit being a smunty bitch and take it up the ass like a real man!") 2. grouchy; irritated (e.g., "Oh look, Maidy is being smunty again today)

  8. IVD: That photo was taken in Norwich, actually.

    SMUNTY: “Sobbing Smunty”

    I’ll need a photo of that to add to this collection.

    And is that a hint of GINGER in Squinty Smunty’s beard???

    SID: How’s that new medication working for you?

    KAZ: Do you feel an urge to breastfeed him at all?

    FROBI: No confusion, really.

    Your other window was showing "Butt Fucked By Big Black Man"…Smunty’s film debut.

    And coincidentally, Carly’s fantasy.

    MAIDY: Sit on my face, you whinging, kvetching psychotic bitch!


  9. :: shock ::

    WHOA! Where the feck did that come from?

    You ODing on Timmy's again?

  10. MAIDY: Didn't you just say, "I shall celebrate by being a moody, whiny assed trog who loves to be DOMINATED."?

    *downs another Timmy's double double with a cruller*

  11. I kinda meant by Geo but ... OK.

    Hey, can I have one of those Timmy's and a Timbit?

  12. MAIDY: I think you'd rather be noshing on Knudsen's knob.

  13. Ok, I'm done.

    I used smunty and smunt.

  14. MAIDY: If Geo cries out "Smunty!" in a moment of passion with you, my work here will be complete.

  15. Where's the one of him in the coffin?

    I'd have preferred that one.

    Ha! Word Veri: hetio.

  16. I like Maidy's definitions.

    Fuck I'm in a smunty mood!

    Lets make it a new word for the Oxford English by this time next year.

    They probably won't admit it.

    The smunts.

  17. MAIDY: Smunting brilliant!

    Enjoy International Smunty Day!

    Same time next year?

    PIGGY: Smunted if I know.

    Send it to me asap once you've smothered him with his own frilly knickers.

    SID:Apparently, the revised second edition of the Oxford English dictionary, "provides 350 useful insults, such as ning-nong, chucklehead or muppet, but only 40 complimentary expressions."

    So we have a good chance!

  18. Oh sexy smunty has to win it I think, It suits him so much.
    "He's not the only gay in the village"

  19. TATAS: What happened to your so-called short-lived blogging break?

    Couldn't live without us, could you?

  20. He seems like a pleasant enough fellow.

    I shall celebrate in the usual way, by not catching the roadrunner.

  21. Smunting Hell, those poor creatures! Now they'll get infested by the population of Norwich.

  22. I was looking for other pics of Smunty but the ones on his blog were missing.

    All Piggy's fault of course.

    The smunty cunty.

  23. I like the pic where he's sucking a lighthouse like he's actually gonna get some hot dog gravy out of it.

  24. SID: Déjà vu?

    All over again?

    RIMMER: Don’t take a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

    IVD: And all who sail in your ship.

    SID: The penis extension shot you emailed to me is most unbecoming.

    You know I’m happy with Wee SID just the way he is.

    CONNIE: You’ll have to go through me to get to the Smunty Photographic Archives.

    WAITRESS: You have to admit that the lighthouse looks aroused.

  25. *glances at clock*

    Yes, I said CLOCK.

  26. PIGGY: Shut up!

    I'm smunting sick!

  27. Ugh! I'm sick of looking at this fucks profile with baked beans in the background. Get on with a new post already!!!

  28. WAITRESS: We're all very fond of our Smunty so I'm in no hurry to post something new.

  29. Nope i couldn't stay away from your bitching charm love.

    Now go be ill.