Monday, November 05, 2007

Caption This!

(Note: Clicking on this pic will enlarge the image slightly but will not cause the man’s kilt to lift nor will it cause him to have an erection)

Leave a caption or simply comment on this charming, bucolic scene.

Unless your name is Piggy, in which case you’ll just moan and complain about having to make up "another fucking caption."

I won’t be joining you in the comments today but will return to enjoy your camaraderie on Tuesday. (Note to Piggy: That’s PST.)

Please carry on commenting without me unless you’re Piggy who will call me a "lazy cunt."

I think a beleaguered Smunty put it best when he pouted and sulked...

“I just won’t bother anymore.”

Thank you and enjoy your day.



  1. Yay! First!

    That's all for now as I haven't time to be wondering what the Hell Piggy's doing to that stupid woman.
    Or why her husband is looking on with a somewhat lascivious look on his face.


  2. Ok, I'm back. It doesn't look like I've missed much, though.

    Here goes:

    "While rooting around for wood truffles,
    The pig found a ho in a bustle.
    'Oink oink', said the hog.
    'Over here by this log.'
    So the Scot unleashed his love-muscle!"

  3. Is it the latest Royal "coke and sex" scandle?

  4. just at a appears the man is taking notes on how to pleasure a woman from the pig...perhaps that is how some men get the name 'pig' attached to them, eh?

  5. Caption: 1920's guide to bestiality

  6. Angus looks on stunned having stumble on his beloved indulging in HOT PIG SEX

  7. it looks like the lady(boy) is sporting some wood of her own

    I guess the Scots like it like that

  8. "I had this strange dream in which Gordon Brown was nibbling my ear to get me horny"

  9. "Not knowing if it would catch on,MJ's perverted Scottish ancestors invent the new craze of Pigging!."

  10. Young Knudsen observed MJ nibling on the ear of a dead woman, "is she still warm ya dirty pig as I'd like a poke at the yoke?"

  11. The last time Piggy ate a woman out

  12. You mean the last time a woman let him?

  13. I KNEW I should have stayed away!

    Look at the filth in here. Especially Beast, Knudsen, Connie and SID. But all of you, really.

    Bonus points go to IVD for turning it all into rhyme and FROBI for being topical.

    RON KNEE & DAISY: Welcome! What a shame you should wallow into this cesspit. Beware, as the others will drag you down.

    And now I really must get back to the task at hand and bid adieu to you for the rest of the day.

    I feel tainted.

  14. As MJ lay spreadeagled in the forest slowly recovering from her last customers rampant attentions she felt the warm, sensual moistness of a lovers tongue probing her aural cavity.

    "Oh Maidy, I'd recognise that anchovy tainted breath anywhere - I've waited so long for you!"

    Piggy just snorted and continued snuffling for headlice in MJ's earhair.

    "Stop with the foreplay you bitch, and fuck me like only another woman knows how" gasped MJ, as she started to feel her linen underskirts dampen with excitement.

    Meanwhile, Tazzy stared on at the vile scenario - the searing heat of jealousy burning hot deep inside.

    "All dressed up and no-one to blow" he muttered to himself. Embarrassed and ashamed at agreeing to wear Piggy's spare kilt with knee length socks and a pair of black Adidas trainers.

  15. Yet another fucking caption compo.

    Well, maybe not a compo, but another fucking caption thing.

    Lazy cunt.

    Smunty looks like that all the time, you know.

  16. Yes he certainly does.

    The Grump.

  17. As the wee Piggy whispers "Cunt" into the ears of the helpless fag hag slag, MJ, the Scotsman jams his finger into his throat in hopes it'll cut off wind pipe and he'll perish. The site was too vulgar, too extreme for him to continue living.

  18. "Not for the first time Old Knudsen found himself on the sideline outsmarted and better by a pig, a fenian pig at that"

  19. ...nope, Steve won that one hands down.

    his pants.


  20. Good one, FN.

    Hmmm, maybe THAT'S why he looks so miserable.

  21. SMUNTY: Smutty, smutty Smunty.

    How long have you been harbouring this filthy fantasy?

    I’d spank you if only you had a big wobbly arse like SID’s. Your arse doesn’t wobble and jiggle when I smack it like SID’s does.

    I’m forced to find another form of punishment for you.

    PIGGY: Didn’t Smunty’s mummy tell him a little bird would alight on his lower lip if he pouted like that?

    SID: Grumpy Smunty. tee hee.

    I’ve seen your handiwork (“Being Grumpy Smunt” directed by Dixon Bawls) and I applaud you.

    Oh, and while you’re here, bend over.

    THWACK! wobble wobble wobble.

    MAIDY: Fag hag slag?

    Nice one!

    It may be time for another poetry compo.

    MANUEL: A Fenian pig?

    Don’t excite me like that.

    Manuel, you know too much.

    FN & MAIDY: arfarfarfarfarf!

    *agrees (shock!) with Maidy*

  22. In a Pig's Ear.

    An intolerable boar!

    Got Pork?

    How Sooweeet it is.

    Porky and Bestiality.

  23. MARKY: Welcome!

    Are you still up to your monkey business?

    HE: Makin' bacon.