Saturday, November 24, 2007

Up Off My Arse

I’m out and about and active today lest I turn to stone…


  1. Fucking hell! It's Smunty without his swimming shorts on!!!

  2. If you don't move you get fat....and your wiily shrinks by the look of it.

  3. I suppose I should think about going out now, now that I've said I would but it's still early.

    TAZZY: Looks like his swim in the cold lake produced shrinkage.

    KNUDSEN: They liked 'em Rubenesque in the Renaissance.

    TICKERS: His (unnamed blogger) willy was like that before he got fat.

    NICK: Welcome to Infomaniac!

    It must be one of the days when you're not feeling so saintly if you're visiting THIS cesspool.

    PIGGY: No.

    Tazzy was correct about the swimsuit model.

    I'm surprised you didn't say SID but I've had a look at the sculpture from behind and the arse isn't big enough.

  4. I'm glad there's a high enough ceiling in that museum to cater for you MJ.

  5. SID: But not enough space to squeeze your arse into the ROTUNDa.

  6. MJ, ain't nothing wrong with a woman with a lil junk in the trunk...

  7. Why, CyberPoo - Looking for a ring to put your thing through?

  8. *startled as IDV offers CyberPoof his sloppy, well-lubed ring*

  9. For fuck sake. Don't stare too long or your penis will turn to stone.

  10. poor 'lil dave' is hiding away up yonder someplace. meanwhile he does have lovely juicy moobs. not a polyunsaturated david is he?

  11. BEAST: They’re almost as glorious as SID’s marvelous man boobs.

    BINGOWINGS: Or in SID’s case, a man with a lotta junk in his trunk.

    CYBERPOO, IVD & PIGGY: *sends CloneZone winter catalogue to all of you to keep you occupied and out of my hair*

    WAITRESS: That would be a stone bone.

    FN: Them’s all trans-fat, baby.