Thursday, November 29, 2007

Come On, Get Happy!

Sing along…

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy,
You better chase all your cares away.
Shout hallelujah c'mon get happy
Tomorrow is Filthy Friday.

Your weekend begins soon!


  1. Friday seems an eternity away at the moment.

    Yay! Fucking first!

    Every commenter below is a cunt.

    Especially the first one below.

  2. So this isn't filthy then? I now have that song in my head, you are a mean, evil and probably an alcoholic devil.

  3. Look you fucker I'm supposed to be the first one, you came prematurely.

  4. PIGGY: Friday seems like an eternity because you've been stalling with your Smunty Gump posting all week.

    And you have the nerve to call ME a lazy cunt!

    KNUDSEN: I see by your profile pic that you've replaced Mike Wallace. Are you trying to get into Barbara Walters' knickers?

    I've transfered the song to your brain from mine. Ha. That'll teach you for calling me Stenchtrench.

    Unfortunately Get Happy has been replaced in my head by Barry Manilow's Copacabana.

  5. Christmas starts that IS filthy.....

  6. MANUEL: Be strong and try not to spill soup in anyone's lap.

  7. I don't know why the bottom one has that inane grin on her face. She's obviously about to have her snatch used as a dartboard.

  8. GARFY: Welcome back!

    Did you get to the Pencil Museum?

    Darts? I think you'll find she's playing ping pong.

  9. I have nothing of merit to add to this.


  10. Her name was MJ
    She was a showgirl
    with yellow stained teeth
    and a foul smelling cunt
    she'd bump and grind
    like a rhinestone cowboy

  11. RIMMER: Feck off then.

    CYBERSLUT: I can only imagine that rhymes in Danish but loses something in the translation.

  12. Feck? Is that a new word you're trying to implement?

  13. Really?

    Maybe it was a haiku?

    Or some other worldly profound sort of prose

    Maybe it's just you Canucks that don't get it

    in any case the message does come across no?

  14. RIMMER: Use the word “feck” when you’re frustrated and somewhat aggrieved.

    You have much to learn.


    CYBERSLAG: Your cowboy poetry would be put to better use over at Bingowings.

    We all want to see the pasty Danish pastry in the Elf Shorts.

  15. Yay! The weekend will soon be upon us. Although, here's hoping it's scantily-clad strumpet free.

  16. I will not wear the shorts

    I'd probably throw them at the wall and see how long they stick to it

  17. and ok I left a cowboy comment on bingowings blog

  18. The bottom one's an early pic of MJ when she was still a "working girl".

  19. IVD: Scantily-clad and strumpet free?

    I can't make any promises.

    In fact, I would advise you not to visit tomorrow.

    CYBERSLUT: I saw your latest so-called poetic offering over at Bingowings.

    No, you will not wear The Shorts.

    CONNIE: Shut your mouth or I'll lob a ping pong ball into it.

  20. SID: A chair that will only be fit for kindling once you've sat in it.

  21. *stands by with table-tennis bat*

    Give it your best shot bitch.

  22. *decides to add NBC suit*

  23. gimme one with puffy nipples and I'll kiss you on the lips.
    wearing chapstick.
    and a toque.
    and gouda earrings.
    so you don't feel alienated.

  24. CONNIE: You're the one they call "Bionic Stench."

    It should be me with the NBC suit.

    FN: Just because I'm a Canuck doesn't automatically mean I'm toting a toque, you know.

  25. You have a great sense of balance, MJ. Or ballast.

  26. I think the lady at the bottom is in labor.

  27. I don't know how to to the tag thingie so:

  28. I think I've got the hang of this 'feck' thing.

  29. Although I find her position perpendicularly puzzling, the second young lady's self-confident assurance and poise dispeled the notion that blondes have more fun.

  30. WW: Have you considered entering a gurning contest?

    That's a whole new look for you.

    AWA: You're the birthing expert. I wouldn't know.

    How many have you popped out now?

    RIMMER: I see you've been doing your feckin' homework.

    Now shut the feck up and get yer bollix outta my face, ya feckin' big eejit.

    HE: *thumbs through dog-eared Kama Sutra*

    Nope. I don't see that position in there either.

  31. Oooo bitch fight between MJ and Connie.

    Fight fight fight fight fight

    *gets ring side seat*

  32. Wow that must be a big hole to get the fist in!