Friday, October 20, 2006

You Make Me Feel Mighty Real

The Fabulous Sylvester

Do you know someone who makes you feel mighty real?

Then sing along with the late disco diva Sylvester and celebrate the feeling!

Warning to straight blokes: Video clip may be just a bit poofy.

Warning to those with Disco allergies: Excessive exposure to satin hot pants may cause reaction.

Click here for video.


Infomaniac recommends this excellent biography …

The Fabulous Sylvester: The Legend, the Music, the 70s in San Francisco by Joshua Gamson


  1. I can remember that at the height of the disco boom a girl in our class turned up at the school's weekly disco disco wearing a shocking pink satinex all in one body stocking.

    A bit too overdressed for an evening of listening to cassettes of Bee Gees songs in the school assembly hall, I think.

    Gawd bless Sylvester. What a righteous song.

  2. I luv Sylvester - had the pleasure of seeing him live in a nightclub years ago, awesome performance - the crowd went wild, wouldn't let him leave the stage.

    Rest in peace.

  3. Great song!

    Great big mirrored balls!

    Did one fall down and kill him then?

  4. Disco. DISCO. *shrieks*
    Napalm for the soul.
    Hated it.
    Especially when I wore those kinds of hotpants with the sequins that came off and you ended up finding them in your....
    I mean, Disco. Always hated it, never did it. Nope. Uh-uh. Not on your nelly.
    *leaves, looking vaguely sheepish*

  5. Aaah! DISCO is still my guilty pleasure.
    Sylvester, Chic, Shalamar, the Trampps, Mc Fadden & Whitehead.

    If I still had a casette player I'd dig out and dust off one of my ancient compilations.

    Perhaps not, I'd probably break a hip or something.

  6. Disco Tex next, please MJ.

    I spent my early 20s going to some really awful discos with completely bland, awful undanceable music. I'm a natural show off on the dance floor but that eighties crap never did anything for me and I was like a shrinking violet at the bar.

    I have never been to a proper disco with proper disco music and that's a tragedy.

  7. Betty: Ah, the era of unnatural fabrics. I knew this posting would bring Disco Betty out of hiding.

    Frobi: You saw Sylvester live?! May I kiss the hem of your garment?

    SID: Very funny. Mind your bollocks or I'll turn them into mirror balls.

    Mikeachim: Sequined hot pants (obviously you haven't met Tickersoid yet) are welcome here at Infomaniac so don't be shy. Come again!

    Kaz: Does the NHS cover disco-related injuries?

    Geoff: I had no idea you cut such a figure on the dance floor. I'll see what I can do about your Disco Tex request.

  8. That's it, now I know exactly what I'll be wearing at the next steelworkers piss up at the local pool hall.

  9. Tickers: You'll be the belle of the pool hall.

  10. not to be too pathetically self-promotional, but you all might actually be interested in my book, the fabulous sylvester, which came out last year...
    josh gamson

  11. Josh: I've read your book and it's fucking fantastic!!! Thank you so much for writing such a loving tribute to Sylvester.

  12. thanks, mj. fucking fantastic: that's one of the nicest things someone has said about it! thanks for spreading the word about sylvester.