Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Get a Room!

Ahhhhhhhh, the great outdoors.

Fun, isn’t it? Until you realize someone may be watching. (NSFW) (scroll down for pics)

So come on … tell us where you’ve humped your honey in public.

Via [Attu]


  1. I soooo want me and Jack to experience this...but he is too afraid.


  2. awaiting - go to bed, you drunk cunt. go play with jack. or better yet, call two of the men you tried to pawn off on me. either one would be more than willing to participate in a little public slap and tickle with you.

  3. Everyone except Awaiting and Pink: We have now heard from the State of Mississippi. Would Great Britain care to weigh in on this matter next?

  4. I am naughty i put my hand up, once had nooky on xmas eve after a party with rather a gorgeous sexy young man many years ago (blushes)
    he walked me home and we stopped on the way for a kiss behind some garages well one thing led to another and we did the deed haa haa gawd was i embaressed on xmas morning when i woke up and realised what i had done oh well we cant all be angels !!

  5. Midget Arse: You're Santa's Little Helper.

    Geo: Indoor or outdoor parking lot?

  6. Public exhibition of boinking? Shocking, just shocking.

    I'm appalled.

  7. Maidink: Don't act coy. We know that was you in the parking lot.

  8. 1 public beach, deserted
    2 on car, side of road, deserted
    3 party, not deserted, against a wall, standing up
    4. tree
    5. closet painted red, white and blue
    6. in car parked in
    a. cemetary
    b. driveway
    c. empty field
    d. logging road
    e. " " turnaround
    7. picnic area of public library
    8. stairwell
    9. moving car, I-5
    10. " ", Portland metropolitan area....

    this is getting slutty, huh.

  9. FN: Let's start breaking this down, shall we? Starting with the tree.Up the tree? Or against the tree? Or inside a hollow tree? Did you get bark burns? Was there a danger from (ahem) falling nuts?

  10. fn - you did in a car in a CEMETARY?

    mj - where have you humped your honey in public?

  11. I tried outdoors but it was on the deeper part of the forest.

  12. mj: him in the tree on a bouncy branch.
    pink: oh yes. AND honked the horn with my ass.

    my youth may have misspent, ladies and gentlemen, but it was certainly not WASTED.

  13. I wish I could equal First Nations. I think my nickname should be Mattress Boy.


  14. billy: COUCH boy, i thought.
    mj: yeah, what about you, ya doidy goil?
    we want all the details. the city dump? on top of a coffin at the funeral parlor?
    (points if the coffing was occupied)
    (gold star points if it was you occupying it)

  15. And I went through a phaze of shagging in multi-storey car parks once

  16. wow...just like holly hunter in 'Crash'!
    come on, mj.......

  17. Yes... I may have honked a horn or two in my day.

    Let's see... where would I begin.

    On a snowmobile.

    On a peddle boat....

    I'll stop there because I don't need to tell the whole world my little sins.

    Ohhhh, and there was this one time at a gas station against a fuel pump but I won't get into that.

  18. SID: “In 1834 it was used as kennels.” Is that where you keep your bitches, SID?

    Charles: I hope you left a trail of breadcrumbs.

    FN: You honked the horn with your arse? Award this woman the prize for the talent portion of our show!

    Billy: Are you a master of “mattress dancing?”

    Frobi: A railway tunnel? Was a train entering it? Calling Dr. Freud!

    Pissoff: You win the contest for “Most Patriotically Canadian Shag” with your snowmobile story. You could only have topped it with a canoe… as the late Pierre Berton said, “a true Canadian is one who can make love in a canoe without tipping.”

    And speaking of Canadian public shagging, surely we, as Canadians, have all spent a Saturday night at the Sudbury Slag Dump!

  19. anyone notice how she conveniently refused to answer the question we asked her?

  20. Most memorable was at midnight, on someones front garden path in 4" of snow.

  21. Tickers: You made love in the snow? I hereby dub thee an honourary Canadian!

  22. Was that the toilets in the car parks Frob? May have met ya there...

    Well I thought I was adventurous but OH MY! FN deserves an award and cautionary note about CCTV.

    Me - In a taxi with the driver on my way home drunk *ashamed* oh and on a speed boat in a car park (parking Lot). You're not asking number of people involved right?

  23. I see a strong correlation between being completely hammered and engaging in copulation whilst out-of-doors.

  24. Hardhouse: That's right. Blame it on the drink.

    HE: See note to Hardhouse. Oh, and HE? Where's YOUR story? I bet you've done it at the Sudbury Slag Heap. Come on... we all have.

  25. 1.On the side of a large steep hill at Ham Hill country park in Somerset, with sheep watching. Yes, just watching!!
    2.Back garden
    3.Front garden
    4.In a white Lada Riva at Yeovil Pen Mill train station car park.
    5.In same white Lada Riva in car park at Ham Hill, no sheep this time
    Will have to confer with Carly for any further outdoorsy shags.
    MJ - is that you in the pic? Dirty cunt!

  26. Steve: Me thinks the Wanker doth protest too much regarding the sheep "just watching."

    How could you get aroused in a Lada?

    That's not me in the pic. I wouldn't wear that trashy lingerie combo.