Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Billy Bob Pacifiers

When nosey people ask why I never had children, I tell them it’s because I’m the type of mother who would buy Billy Bob Pacifiers for my babies.

Honestly, one Infomaniac on this planet is enough!

But Auntie MJ is going to buy a Billy Bob Pacifier for Geo and Maidink’s wee baby MJ when she’s born. Just wait and see.


  1. those things are just wrong....

    funny as fuck, but wrong :)

  2. When nosey people ask why I never had children, I tell them it’s because I think everyone under the age of fifteen should be dosed up on high levels of Valium all day long ;)

  3. Aaaah. Is he teething? Is he? Is he? Who's teething, then? Who's got his little toothy pegs? Who's a big strong boy, then?

  4. You're also the type to give your kid a mohawk and a black leather diaper cover, aren't ya?

  5. You would have made the perfect mother!

    Anyone that can humiliate and disgrace their offspring like that deserves a medal!

    *goes off to spin earthangel 1 again*

    *by the feet this time*

  6. I wish they'd been around when mine were babies.

  7. When people ask me - I say I forgot!

  8. OnceWas: Then you have to agree...it's best I never reproduced.

    Betty: I'm quoting you on that.

    Geoff: Why do I think you talk like that around the house? When you're not doing your Amy Winehouse impersonation, that is.

    Awaiting: No. That would be my child's babysitters, Piggy and Tazzy.

    SID: ;)

    Tickers: Your kids have those special skills of balancing spoons on their faces. I think something of you must have rubbed off on them.

    Kaz: *makes note of another good excuse*

  9. mj - have you been rummaging through awaiting's closet again?

    awaiting - your kid does have a mohawk and a black leather diaper cover.

  10. and to think back in my day we had to make do with just sticking cheerios all over the kid with milk.

    i had to walk 4 miles to school every day in the snow, too.

  11. Where is the Royal Family pacifier? Were they worried that the 3 dentists in Great Britain would be offended?