Friday, October 27, 2006

Bad Case of Loving You

A song with a driving urgency.

The kind to accompany your mood when you feel that if you don’t see your lover NOW, you’ll chew your arm off.

Robert Palmer – Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

I've got it bad, and I got it good


  1. another song from a decade that i wasn't involved in. thanx. oh wait, isn't that the dude who sang that song that was in cocktail? you know, with the non-weird version of tom cruise?

  2. Hey, I was half asleep when I commented this morning...where's everyone else?

    You go girl. Need, want, need fulfilled, want taken care arms bitten off, just gnawed on a bit...

    Wow! Just the way it's supposed to work! Had it bad, got it good. Good on you...roar...

  3. WW: I think I scared everyone but you and Pink away with threatening to chew my arm off. Honest, I'm not a cannibal!

    Pink: You missed the decade of shoulder pads and power dressing for women. Be glad.

    I never saw 'Cocktail' but yes, Robert Palmer sang 'Addicted to Love' in the movie.