Monday, October 16, 2006

Anagram Genius

An anagram is a rearrangement of the letters of one word or phrase to form another word or phrase.

Use Anagram Genius to rearrange the letters of your name (or anything else) to spell something different.

'tazzy and piggy'
anagrams to
'Dizzy tangy gap.'

'stupid irish daddy'
anagrams to
'It is prudish daddy.'

Via [Neatorama]


  1. George W Bush - Moron pigfucker.
    I like these anagrams.

  2. Worryingly - if I input my full name it anagrams to 'He's pale queen jest'


  3. I'm rubbish at anagrams. The best I can come up with is Tickersoid to
    'dirt sickeo'

  4. Contains Mild Peril is Incompliant Idlers.

    Geoff's Dream Blog is Good Baffler Gems.

    It's true. I'm a lazy sod, I make it all up as I go along, and nobody understands me.

  5. Vicus: Give us some more then. Although I don't think you can do better than George W Bush - Moron pigfucker.

    Steve: It's true. The Queen (Piggy) laughs at your pasty white arse.

    Tickers: I got "Sick Editor" for you but "Dirt Sickeo" suits you.

    Geoff: Good Baffler Gems. That sums up the Dream Blog perfectly.

  6. Billy: Do the yobs yell back?

  7. Kapitano Hadoko - Aha! OK pinko toad
    War on Terror - Narrower rot
    Multiple Orgasms - Presto! I'm all smug.
    Dale Carnegie - Arid Elegance
    Jesus Christ - Such Jest Sir
    Oral sex - So, relax!
    Martin Tazzy - I'm a ZZ Tyrant
    Tazzy and Piggy dot com - Dopy Dizzy can't maggot
    Corrie Canuck - Our nice crack

  8. 'MJ The Infomaniac'

    'I'm an ethnic of jam.'

  9. here's a secret message for someone....

    'Hoodwink fine wretches abhor"


  10. Kapitano: You clever thing, you. You have every right to be smug. Pinko Toad.

    Piggy: There's nothing like Canadian jams and jellies. Would you like a sample of my sweet Canuck jelly roll?

    FN: Soooo transparent. Why don't you just hire a skywriter? :)

  11. pink drama = in mad park.

  12. Geo and Maidink and Dinker = "I am a deranged kind on kind"

    I like the deranged part.

  13. In honour of MJ:

    Geo Maidink Dinker and Little MJ = "Dominate jerk and ill-timed king."

  14. Freakin'Green Elf Shorts

    Serflike, fat greenhorns.

    *wonders if I will put them on now*

    My real name???



    Will email for small sum.

  15. Pink: Who'd have guessed?

    Maidink: Don't tell me... I'm the dominate jerk. And yes, you are deranged. But in the best possible way.

    SID: Put on the Freakin' Green Elf Shorts! NOW! Pictures! Nekkid! Then mail the shorts to me. Unwashed.

  16. Prunella Jones = Journal Spleen. I'm disappointed. No curse words or sexual innuendo.

  17. guess what
    'cheating like a dogs hine' comes out to???

    'So, high-necked genitalia!'

    just thought i'd mention that *kaffkafgakfrobikaff gak*

  18. Pru: Your blog takes the piss out of celebrities, therefore Journal Spleen is fitting.

    FN: Frobi's still stuck in your craw. Cough him up!

    WW: Yes, you ARE a nitwit. Thanks for publicly declaring it, Canucklehead.

    Tony: So? What's your anagram name?

  19. my real name:
    'Merry, insane charms.'
    I'll take it!