Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I’m Going Straight to Hell

I’m going straight to Hell. Especially after yesterday’s ‘Big Willies’ posting.

Yet another obvious danger of blogs is the endless amount of inappropriate content often spread throughout them. This happens on a host of levels: filthy language, risqué pictures, etc.

Uh oh. *gulps*

Then there is the danger of addiction. Literally some become so addicted to blogging, posting and instant messaging that other parts of their lives are neglected.

I’m damned for eternity!

More here on the evils of blogging.


  1. Yay first! And no big cocks this time!

    Yes, it looks like I'm going to hell as well. And I thought my blog was fairly tame. Not tame enough for these guys.

  2. I wish they had a blog, then I could leave a comment telling them to fuck right off.

    Word verification:
    gbond - James' slightly wet brother, Gerald.

  3. I followed your link. Did you notice it said .. 'Because this article is extremely important, some may need to read it twice'.?

    Is it New York or something?

    I'd much prefer to read your blog twice - cocks and all.

  4. Oh for fuck's sake, we all probably have a one way ticket to the eternal BBQ.

    Who cares?

    Well, everyone except for me.

    *gives angelic smile*

  5. Since you're going to hell anyway, why not ADD IM to your sins?

  6. Billy: See you in Hell.

    Vicus: Have you moved on now from Jack Straw to these tossers?

    Kaz: More cock less talk. My new motto.

    Maidink: Go on then. Cast the first stone.

    Jacqueline: Hell has frozen over. I'm using Gmail Chat and Skype.

  7. What a load of crock...but then again, to each his the interpretation of the Bible. Leave it to us mere mortals to always twist the words of The Book to our own liking.

    So I guess the moral of his little essay is 'Don't talk, write or think. Then ye shall venture into heaven.'

  8. "More Bosch, less cock," I say. I can't handle cocks at work.

    And no Bosching your cocks.

  9. Bish Bash Bosch I say!

    Yes but look at the Garden of Earthly Delights we've all trodden barefoot through.

    It's just sometimes we put our foot in the shite,ahem,spam.

  10. "Do you have a tendancy to want to have a voice?"

    heavens no; we mustn't want THAT.
    scary stuff.
    scary stuff aimed at kids in the name of 'protecting' them from abuse.
    one weeps.

  11. ...actually, I'm off to lay this one on patroclus. she'll plotz, mj. good find!

  12. I like my steak well done please.

  13. oooh, goody. At least I'm in good company. Funny thing is that I've had so little time to make the rounds in blogland in recent months that I feel like the world in encroaching on my vital personal social blog therapy. Damn the critics!

  14. Do I partially enjoy blogging because my carnal nature is inclined toward vanity?

    The seventh circle of hell I do, it's nearly as much fun as pornography.

    Thank you for this find x