Sunday, October 29, 2006

Time Out

(Thanks to Homo Escapeons for the pic)

Infomaniac returns on Friday, November 3rd.

Happy Halloween everyone!

And now, a crazy little ditty I’ve chosen for your Halloween enjoyment.

The late Screamin’ Jay Hawkins sings I Put A Spell On You…

And for all my fellow Canucks, here’s a special treat.

SCTV's Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty) previews upcoming feature Dr Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes on Monster Chiller Horror Theatre, with John Candy as Dr. Tongue.


  1. did i actually beat awaiting to the punch for once?

    is that a pumpkin or a massive ass?

    i love this song but i prefer bette midler's version better.

    yay! first!

  2. You only beat me because I was off playing hide and seek with the mister.

    No FAIR!

    And that's Piggy's arse...I'd now that pumpkin anywhere!

  3. Pink: You are now one up on Awaiting. Yay!
    *waits for catfight*

    Awaiting: Hide the salami?

  4. Actually, it's Carly's arse.

    And anyway (fave word) it's not Hallow'een yet! Couldn't you set it to post on the right day?

    *imagines MJ wandering the streets on the 31st, scaring small children and old-age-pensioners*

  5. that damn pumpkin ass is chasing me all over the Net!! go away pumpkin ass!

    and no not because it's attached.
    shut up.

    (have fun, girlie. go hit the rich neiborhoods for candy and tell them you play basketball for your jr. high team!)

  6. I like this song but I prefer Elkie Brooke's version.

  7. Count Floyd was sooo scary...OK maybe not that scary..but he will be scarier next time owoooooo!

    Hope that you will celebrate All Saints Day with some All Saints tunes...
    "I know everythang" thats scary..

  8. How could you leave us at Halloween?

    *jumps for joy*

    Get your arse over to my place and leave a caption comment.

    Lazy Canuck

    brought to you by olefyx