Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Get The Queen OFF Canadian Money

I love a good Rick Mercer rant…


  1. I'll watch this tonight.

    But if we have to have her on ours I don't see why you should get away with it.

    We'll take away Eastenders if you start kicking up a stink.

  2. I wish they'd get the old cunt off OUR money too.

    Nasty old haggard nazi bastard that she is.

    She'll be dead soon anyway (fave word). Gawd help us when Charlie's ugly bonce adorns the money.

  3. God bless the Queen........and his superhero Taz!

  4. Geoff: Don't take my Brit soaps away! Who should we replace her with then? Dot Cotton?

    Piggy: She'll outlive Chuck. So we'll have the face of Willy or the bastard grandson Harry instead.

    Steve: Where have you been, you lazy cunt? Oh, and top comment.

  5. NFK!
    I think that we have been uber polite long enough..start the revolution!
    We will probably wait for those brash Australians to do it first because we are such weinies. We are certainly trapped between the USA and Britain but we have managed to become the most reasonable citizens on the entire planet!..except for the fine people in Burkina Faso.

    Let us place the images of Gordie Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell on our money..Bobby Orr..John Candy..Marshall McLuhan...
    but ixnay the Iefenbacher-day or the echien-chray!

  6. dude sounds like he know's what he's talking about. sounded intelligent about it too.

  7. The Queen's official title is 'Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'.

    Its that last bit that sticks in my throat.

    Ireland is Ireland is Ireland, North,South,East and West.

    Time to get out Mrs Windsor

  8. *picks up tweezers*

    *moves steve's small, but freakishly bendy nonetheless, willy out of the way - which isn't very far*

    *kicks him in the chunkies*

    I say the old cunt Brenda should be banished from our island. Just along to the next one will do. Yes, Oirland will do nicely.

    Let all those unionist cunts look after her for a while.

  9. Cheeky cunt...we don't want her.

    I cannot wait till we completely populate this little occupied land with loads of big catholic families and with our votes we will get rid of her.

    Lets hope the influx of Poles and Lithuanians recently will shift the power balance sooner rather than later.

    Stick her on a boat with Paisley et al, and sink it...we are good at doing that ala Titanic.

  10. If it wasn't for the Royal Family, you wouldn't have Albert Square or Coronation Street.

    I'm not a fan of the Royals by any stretch of the imagination but where the fuck would our soap characters live without them?

  11. HE: How about Don Cherry?

    Pink: Dude does a weekly rant on TV and always has something clever to say.

    SID: Cough it up.
    *applies the Heimlich maneuver*

    Piggy: How does Steve manage with his bendy bit?

    SID: We applaud you for doing your part to populate Ireland.

    Geoff: Not to mention their drinking establishments... the Queen Vic for one.

  12. There was a gigantic -- and I mean gigantic, like 40 feet by 40 feet -- painting of the Queen hanging in the Winnipeg Arena for what seemed like centuries.

    When they tore the arena down after a new one was built, they folded up the painting and sent it to Ontario somewhere.

    Thank god.

    My question is, when she finally croaks, what are they going to do with all those ugly hats?

    She's worse than Imelda Marcos with her shoes.