Sunday, October 01, 2006


I love this version of Temptation and it’s not going to get out of my head this weekend unless I play the hell out of it at work today.

Canada’s own Diana Krall…

Rusted brandy in a diamond glass
everything is made from dreams
time is made from honey slow and sweet
only the fools know what it means
temptation, temptation, temptation
I can't resist
I know that he is made of smoke
but I've lost my way
he knows that I am broke
but I must pay
temptation, temptation, temptation
I can't resist
Dutch pink and Italian blue
he’s there waiting for you
my will has disappeared
now confusion is oh so clear
temptation, temptation, temptation
I can’t resist

And while I’m at it, I’ll listen to the original Tom Waits version too.


  1. is it just me? I heard an out of tune intro' then just as it gets to the good bit, cuts out.

  2. Tickers. YouTube sometimes cuts out unfortunately. Try later. I don’t like the intro either.

  3. I liked that! Just what I needed. Thanx!

  4. Hardhouse: Once you get past that intro, it's one sexy number. Glad you liked it.