Saturday, October 14, 2006

Scissor Sisters – Filthy Gorgeous

Piggy, Tazzy, SID, Steve, Carly, Pink, Awaiting and all the rest of you lot.

Good craic last night!

Sorry I’ve not been around there much lately. Great to be back!

You're an acid junkie college flunky dirty puppy daddy bastard


  1. Still like the first SS album although the new one doesn't really do it for me. I'd go further and say it's shit.

    I like Victoria Wood and I do bitch for England.

    So I'll say "Come on you irons!" to make me sound more heterosexual.

    Doesn't really, does it?

  2. Geoff: You're the biggest bitch for England that I know. But that doesn't qualify you to be just a bit poofy. So you'll have to stand on the sidelines and wave as the parade passes you by.

    And I like the new SS so we'll agree to disagree on this one. Go back to singing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles."

  3. What's all this hoopla on the blogosphere about these folks?

  4. They were FANTASTIC in Trafalgar Square. They did Filthy Gorgeous as the last song, the crowd went mad with many jumping in the fountains. I did a post about that with a vid.

    I'm with MJ on the second album!

  5. Awaiting: Get the CDs and listen!

    Hardhouse: I spilled my drink all over myself when we played Filthy Gorgeous last night. Does that count as going mad?