Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Ladder Safety, Continued

How many times do you Bitches need to be reminded about ladder safety?...


Don’t lean too far in either direction. Overreaching is a major cause of ladder accidents.


  1. Welcome to Game Night at Infomaniac!

    Tonight's game: Chutes and Ladders!

  2. Wait.....thats a young,supple,tight ass, not a old wrinkled one. Why, this can't be the Infomaniac.

    1. I think you're right, Mistress Maddie. Especially as Kevin Webster isn't featured!

  3. Infomaniacs,

    When Norma climbs a ladder,
    So the sages say,
    The wrungs are drenched in splatter,
    Stains are there to stay.

    EMTs and firemen,
    In uniformed delight,
    Form a friendly circle jerk,
    To lubricate their might.

    Now Norma is no stranger,
    To the old search and rescue,
    She's pantiless and plucked,
    To abet their efforts and their view.

    The rest know her tricks,
    By first nane, if not last.
    Sexual antics have made her
    An Infomaniac iconoclast.

    Short shrift she gives to others,
    Poets and the like,
    Just a literary short skirt,
    Givin' my hem a hike.

    1. Jeesh, and all I was gonna do is sing Up the Ladder to the Roof where we can see heaven much better.

  4. Is that yet another action shot of the PM?

  5. I'm not sure this is a matter of lack of safety awareness so much as simply being to stupid to know how to climb a damn ladder.

    And your attempt to trick Blogger by switching pictures of Justin Trudeau's nipples (and how many snaps of them are there? Do you have all of them?) failed to work. The page still loads down to M. Trudeau's manly pecs and is overwhelmed and freezes. Understandable, but annoying.