Friday, March 23, 2018

Hot DOG!

On March 23rd, Infomaniac turns 12.


Isn't that about the time one experiences puberty?

In any case, help yourself to as many weenies as you can handle, Bitches.


  1. sure know how to wet my whistle.

  2. dogs!

    Happy Birthday, Infomaniac!!!


    Cheers and Best wishes for many more years of fun, frivolity, and fantastic follies!



  3. Twelve?
    Why, with that face lift you look 9!

    What would we ever do without you.

    1. At last all these facials were useful for something ...

    2. NORMA & MAGO: I owe it all to Miss Scarlet’s Butter Stick treatments at the Infomaniac House of Beauty.

  4. HA - what would I give for one of the very early soundbites. Sadly I could not find one.

    1. I confess that I read / looked at the early Infomaniac. Even earlier, not just now. You and Piggy & Tazzy refer to soundbits you sent to each other, surely P & T's dj thing played a role in this. But I never heared one, simply because there was never a link.
      This "research" feels a bit wrong, especially because Piggy looks at me while I write this - feck off, ye cunt - a bit like spying & stalking.
      I never heared one, simply because I was not reading here in those days. I came over from Old Knudsen, who listed The Infomaniac at one point.
      I remember that my first comment was in outrage. I remember that you sent me an email, and I spent some time contemplating. Later I gave you a picture of my bare arse, but I think you lost this special library by a hard drive crash - didn't you ?!
      I am very glad that Soren did this list back then, I am very glad that I followed this link and found this place, it is a pleasure to know you MJ. The House of Infomaniac is a special place, and its host is one of the loveliest creatures found on this planet : All Hail The Mistress !
      Now I need a drink, KAZ made me do it, sorry.

      Nevertheless I think we could do with some knitting now and then, again.

    2. MAGO: Your first comment was here on May 8, 2007.

      Yes, I used to do sound bites and introductions for Tazzy & Piggy’s podcasts. Unfortunately, their blog no longer exists.

      I’ll consider your request for more knitting posts.

      Thank you for being an Infomaniac Bitch, Mein Herr.

  5. Congratulations! 12,000 years of the House of Infomaniac - and it doesn't feel a day over 11,999...

    I should have a little something for you at my place a bit later on. I just need to finish it off (I stupidly thought I'd have time for the finishing touches yesterday, but that wasn't meant to be. Sorry).

    Now, I must try to get away from those disgustingly obscene hypnotic hot dogs...

    1. MR. DeVICE: You shouldn’t have! I’ll pop over soon.

    2. Mr. DeVICE: Can you believe I’ve published 3,519 posts?

      BITCHES: Mr. DeVice has paid tribute to The Mistress’s 12 years here.

  6. Replies
    1. RIMPY: Thank you. You know what would be a great blogiversary gift? The return of The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Competition.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's to another 12 years of waggly bits and pieces... and the occasional bush.

    1. MISS SCARLET: Thank you for being here, through it all. And for creating the magnificent “I’m an Infomaniac Bitch” sign for my sidebar.

  8. Congratulations, sweetie!!! Apparently for a twelfth anniversary one should give silk - so here's a little something for the occasion! Jx

    1. JON: Ta, darling! Everything is better when you’re wearing silk knickers! As I'm sure you know.

  9. "In symbolising purity, honesty and wisdom, pearls are an ideal 12th anniversary gift." Hopefully, someone will give The Mistress a pearl necklace.

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

    1. LX: A pearl necklace and satin knickers…

      What more could a gal ask for?

  10. Happy Blogiversary, sugar!! Sorry I missed the actual day, but here's to you! *cheers* xoxox

    1. SAVANNAH: I’m still celebrating.

      *woofs down another weenie*

  11. Happiest anniversary. It takes dedication to keep it up this long.

  12. Happy Anniversary MJ! I love a woman who will shake her wiener at me.

  13. Oh darling, I'm sorry I missed the actual date, but here's my sincerest wishes for a happy anniversary. God knows your blog has plucked me out of the blues more than once. Thanks.

  14. Joyeux Bloggerversaire! I often see those in supermarkets displayed in glass jars like specimens. Repulsive and yet slightly arousing.

  15. 12 years! Soon you'll be manscaping! But more importantly, wieners...

    When I was in my pre teen years my Mom and Dad would load 6 or 7 or how many of us siblings were around, in the Country Squire on Saturday afternoons and take us to town to their favorite bar, Walter's Restaurant. They would take one booth and cram us kids in the next one and keep us filled with Orange Pop while they had their 7 Sevens and beers. Guys from the glass factory would come in after their shifts ended and have a few before heading home.

    One time 3 young guys came in and sat at a table right next to the "kids booth" where I was sitting on the outside edge. The cutest of the guys (think a young Paul Carrigan from 90's porn) said to his friends, "hey, look at this!" I of course looked over and saw him wagging a pickled hot dog at his crotch, as men would do in those days! I thought I was going to pass out! Thank God he didn't have a couple of those gross pickled eggs in the other hand, otherwise I would have.

    To this day I'm not very good at cookouts!


  16. .•.*.•.*.•.*.•.*.•.*.•.*
    Happy Easter, to Infomaniac and readers!!!

    () ()


    May y'all enjoy delicious candy and frolic like bunnies!

  17. Please hurry up and post something new, that bouncy bouncy hotdog woman is making me feel bilious.

  18. BITCHES: Apologies for the wavy weenies that are still in your face. Thanks for your patience. Will try to update later this week.

  19. Replies
    1. Norma dear,

      Your flaccid flower,
      majora or minora,
      is buckshot fauna,
      and wilted flora.

      Where one in time
      you straddled St. George,
      now your merely
      a winded gorge.

      The rides you took,
      the miles you strode,
      in plush sedans,
      or some sketchy abode.

      Are memories lost,
      to the vim of youth,
      Once long in the saddle,
      now merely in the tooth.

      Your cavern is craven,
      dear lass we confess,
      the lips be a akimbo,
      there's dust on your dress.

      The menfolk find fodder,
      in fields somewhat fertile,
      whilst gravity belies
      what you Spanx, truss, or girdle.

      Stamina ain't Norma,
      hasn't been for years,
      She's in a motorized sling
      with well lubed gears.

    2. I beginning to like this muse stuff.

    3. Please forgive the typos and incorrect use of a word (I think of you and they practically fly out of my fingers!)- you are a treasure, however filthy and in need of fluffing.

  20. One wonders how much longer those tired old weenies will be wagging.

  21. Lovely, come back now, it's about time.
    Let's throw those wonky Wieners away and have a real strong Franconian bratwurst, it will satisfy all yer needs, promised !

  22. I only hope the Mistress returns soon. We are down to the last weenie. With Norma, and a bunch of queens fighting over the last piece of meat, it could get ugly.