Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who Amongst Us Deserves a Good Arse Kicking?

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Above we see British performance artist Mark McGowan as he begins his 72-hour crawl across Manhattan dressed as President George Bush.

McGowan is offering the public the opportunity to kick his backside.

Given the opportunity, which blogger’s backside would you like to kick?


  1. That cheeky cunt Piggy's.

    Although I'd like my leg back afterwards.

  2. SID: Funny, YOU'RE my first choice too.

    I may have to organize a bitch fight with you, bitch.

    IDV: Beware the Bermuda Triangle of Piggy's arse.

    You'll never see your leg again.

  3. I'd like to kick SID's arse, but I fear I couldnt possibly find any boots big enough to have any kind of impact.

    So, failing SID's, it'd have to be Mr MJ's.

    Just because he seems to escape all the abuse that we have to offer.

    *has an idea*

    Oh - and Convicts, because it's about time he had a good kicking. That cunt's had it far too easy for far too long.

    *slaps IVF in the chops with a frozen kipper (smoked) on the way out for his insolence*

  4. Piggy: If we team up together wearing gigantic clown shoes, it's possible we could have an impact on that fat arse of SIDs.

    Tickers: I don't know about a blog but her website has a pic of Larry King holding her fake leg.
    *wonders if she can kick arse with the fake leg*

  5. She beats people over the head with that fake leg.

    Actually, I'd quite like to beat the fucking whore over the head with her own leg.

    Then stuff it up her over-used crack.

    The front one.

    Then sell the pics to the News Of The World.

  6. Piggy: When you're through with her leg, give it to me and I'll stuff it up SID's mangina.

    Then sell the pics to The Irish Daily Star.

  7. Please no one, repeat no one kick Piggy's immense glutinous arse.

    Remember what the last chain reaction was?

    *says a prayer for the tsunami victims*

  8. I can't believe that cheeky Oirish cunt has the berve to talk about anyone elses arse!

    Have you seen the size of his? Fucking huge, so it is! - Almost as big as Awa's!

  9. Berve? Shite. I've been drinking.

    I meant 'Nerve'.

    But you knew that anyway (fave word), didn't you?


  10. "Berve"

    *files that one for another day*




  11. My first choice would have been Piggy's arse. But after seeing the pics of his immense, cavernous sphincter(coming soon to my blog) I have decided that the continued existence of my foot is far more important!
    Therefore I choose to kick Tazzy's arse instead - after all it will be the only time he gets anything near a foot up there!

  12. SID: I suggest we make a mold of Piggy’s arse and hold a jello-eating competition from it.

    Piggy: Have I seen the size of SID’s what?

    “Fucking huge, so it is!”

    If we’re talking about the same thing, then, yes. I agree. Massive. And twice as big around. Which is where it counts, really.

    SID: Could it be that Piggy’s use of the word “berve” is an attempt to combine the words “bastard” and “perve”?

    A word that aptly describes you.

    Steve: “Therefore I choose to kick Tazzy's arse instead - after all it will be the only time he gets anything near a foot up there!”

    *laffing so hard I’m choking*

  13. I thought you didn't gag?

    Steve will sample my revenge for that somment very very very soon.

    And yes, MJ, we ARE talking about the same thing - his arse. It couldnt possibly be his cock as I haven't seen it (yet) and funnily enough, he hasn't seen it in quite some time either.

  14. Piggy: Steve triggered my gag reflex.

    *sits back in front row seat and awaits Piggy/Stevey revenge wars*

    What do you mean you haven't seen SID's cock yet? He's shown it to everyone else. Nearly poked my eye out with it, in fact.

  15. I think Piggy, sense he obviuosly has an obsession with my arse. I think he secretely wants it.

  16. I noticed no one said me cos they are too fucking scared, as I'm on yer blog here MJ yers is the arse I want to kiss.

    oops did I say kiss? I meant kick of course.

  17. Awa: We're all obsessed with your arse. How could we not be? Something that huge is bound to attract attention.

    Knudsen: *bends over*

    And thank me for it while you're leaning over.

  18. I'd like to kick myself in the ass for not knowing you in high school!

    We would have had a blast.

  19. HE: Had we been in high school together, I never would have graduated!