Monday, February 26, 2007

Blogging Roundup

A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

Let’s get started.


Convict posted this bollocks site especially for me as he knows how much I appreciate a good solid pair of nutz.


HE (left) joins Chippendales

HE confesses (to everyone but his wife) that he’s moonlighting as an exotic dancer in WinterPeg.


Old Knudsen, whose romantic overtures I have spurned in the past, is wooing me once more with a vengeance.

Previously, he emailed me a full frontal nude photo…

This time it’s a pic of his arse!…

Were it not for the liver spots and the large boil, I might consider a date with the old Hornivore.

You have to admit that the heart shape is rather fetching.


Farmer Giles is back with Parts Two and Three of “The Woman Who Only Wanted Me for My Cock.”


Old Bendy Bits Stevey gave us a fine display of cock art including a video performance of his amazingly talented bendy bit!

The slut.

And don’t miss his vaginal emoticons!


Frobi returned with “Weed of the Week” and this vision of MrC from the back…


Meanwhile, Tickers posted this pic of what he imagines MrC looks like from the front…


Before you straight blokes go complaining that there’s too many pics today of manly bits on today's "Blogging Roundup," take note that Tazzy and Piggy documented old lard-arse Awaiting’s trip to Paris…


Geoff celebrated his 300th post!


I haven’t checked Maidy’s latest postings but I’m sure they involve either moaning about morning sickness or lusting after lesbians.

And send me a new pic. Nobody wants to see that photo 3 weeks in a row.

Or at least get a new baseball cap.


Eddie Waring offers up a number of top tips; “money saving, time tested and downright bizarre ideas to use the unusable or left over household items that would otherwise be chucked out.”


SID’s flattened dog turd pancake

SID (Stupid Irish Daddy), listen up.

I’m sick and tired of looking at that flattened pancake on your blog.

For fuck’s sake, get your typing finger out from up yer arse and post something new, you lazy Irish cunt.

Just because it’s the Lenten season doesn’t mean you have to drag the rest of us into your pit of despair, you miserable cunt.

Post soon or I’ll be forced to strip you nekkid like the cheap Hibernian hibernating harlot you are, tie you down as Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” plays in the background, and insert explosives up yer arse.

Do I make myself understood?


  1. The first picture makes ne hungry for haggis for some reason.

  2. what a sick bunch - well done MJ

  3. We are, aren't we?

  4. So all you want is naked photos? I'm sure I have a few (if Knudsen hasn't stolen them all), so I'll see what I can do.

  5. KNUDSEN: Spoken like a typical Scot.

    And a nice cask strength to wash it down?

    FROBI & CONVICT: A sick bunch, yes.

    But you have a home here at Infomaniac.

    Come to Mama.

    KAV: I’m especially fond of Irish totty.

    That cunt SID thinks he's got the Irish totty angle sewn up around here. Struts around like a cock, to be sure.

    So one full frontal and a rear view pic, please.

    And if you still have those dorky y-fronts, a pic in those as well. I’m not fussy.

    Oh, and welcome to Infomaniac.

  6. just another typical week in mj's neighborhood.

  7. PINK: That reminds me of Mr. Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” theme song.

    Mr. Rogers, for you non-North Americans, was a popular children’s TV host.

    It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
    A beautiful day for a neighbor.
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?

  8. He was probably also a kiddie-fiddler.

    I was once a kiddie-fiddler.

    I fiddled with myself.

    I was 9 at the time and really enjoyed playing with my inbuilt toy.

    How could I possibly have known how much pleasure it would bring to me in later life?

  9. PIGGY: He wasn't!

    You were 9 before you discovered your inbuilt toy?

    Due to it's miniscule size, no doubt.

    Too bad it never caught up to the size of your gob.

  10. Today's post is being dedicated to Nick Beyler. And some of the pics are him mostly nekked.

    So it's not all lesbo stuff on my blog.

    And NO photos of me until three months after JT is born.

  11. That is so not me.

    I weigh at least 245 pounds more than that.

  12. MAIDY:

    If you don't send me at least a headshot, I'll Photoshop something.


    And you forgot your wig.

  13. Aaeeeyyee!
    I need to scrub my brain with bleach!
    How about displaying some 'good clean' porn for a change?
    *as HE shreds his copy of Canadian Community Standards Guidebook..