Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mute Button Pressed on Remote Control Inventor’s Life

Robert Adler

The man who “helped make TV a truly sedentary pastime” has died.

The co-inventor of the TV remote control, Robert Adler, died Thursday, February 15th at age 93.

His widow Ingrid said the remote was not his favourite invention, that he rarely watched television and was "more of a reader".

I wonder, would Adler have predicted that one invention could cause so much spousal stress?

Al Bundy of “Married With Children

One fed-up wife got revenge on eBay. “I'm Selling My Husband's Remote Control!” … with pics.

Now this story from…

A Malaysian man who sneaked out of bed to watch England’s Euro 2004 opener was assaulted by his wife who was armed with the TV remote control.

The man’s wife also took the smart card from their pay television service to prevent him from watching future live soccer, says the Malaysian Star.

The 46-year-old salesman, identified only as Yap, claimed his wife forced him to go to bed early because he had to take their two children to school the next day.

He said: “She refused to allow me to watch the game although I promised not oversleep or shun my responsibility of sending the children to school.”

Maybe she should have tried the remote control jammer instead.

You’ve got to ask yourself. Couldn’t folks like these just get 2 TV sets?…


MONTGOMERY (AP) — An apparent argument over a television remote control led to the fatal stabbing of a man who tried to break up the fight.

Police said the victim, Maurice Alexander Ford, 25, died at Thursday at Jackson Hospital following the dispute between his sister and her husband.

Police spokesman Lt. Huey Thornton said Wesley Jerome Braswell, 45, of Montgomery has been charged with murder.

Braswell remained in jail on $50,000 bond.

Thornton said Braswell and Debra Ford argued over a TV remote control in a bedroom of their home when Maurice Ford tried to break up the fight.

Ford was stabbed with a carving knife once in the upper chest, near his neck.


A lot of married couples bicker over who gets to wield the remote control, but Florida wife Caron Simmons took the argument too far.

Simmons, 46, shot and killed her husband after he hid the remote to their satellite television, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The 48-year-old man was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The two had been battling for channel-changing supremacy until the husband buried the TV remote, reportedly to annoy his wife.

While searching for it, the woman uncovered a gun in a dresser.

She aimed the gun at her husband and it went off, firing a bullet into his chest.

Simmons, who told investigators she did not mean to kill her husband of four years, has been charged with second-degree murder.

I’m thinking that whole scenario could have been avoided if Caron had this giant remote control. There’s no way her husband could have hid that sucker!

So what’s been the worst case scenario in your household with the remote control?


  1. YayyY! I'm first!

    Take that!

    Now, on to the program...

    What's a remote controller?

    And what's a television?

  2. Every few months I have to get out of my chair to change the batteries.
    So I guess Mr Fucking Adler is not as smart as he thought he was. Talk about doing half a job.

  3. A few years ago, I found ours in a tree.

    Earthangel 3 had been playing in the garden and needed the batteries for a torch.

    He now has a remote phobia.

  4. I was once told that remote controls being lost between the arms and the seat cushions of sofas was the biggest cause of household fires.

    I make sure I keep a keen eye on all three of ours.

    wv - arsspt

  5. I once didn't duck fast enough as it came flying across the room. Kaz in dark glasses for a week.
    No names.

  6. Awa: It's my understanding that TV will be introduced to Mississippi by the end of this decade.

    Vicus: Time to affix wheels to your La-Z-Boy.

    SID: There’s nothing worth watching on RTE anyway, is there?

    Geoff: Oh good. Yet another household object for me to fear besides the microwave radiation and the fire hazard lint trap on the washing machine.

    Only 3 remotes? I’ve lost count chez Infomaniac.

    Kaz: That reminds me of my flying pancake incident. Let’s just say someone made a crack about my cooking.

  7. It's like this nurse, I was going to the bathroom in my robe and I slipped on one of the kids colouring books. Someone had left the remote on the floor and I don't really know how it happened but I must have fallen on it at an odd angle and it went right up I didn't put it up there if thats what you are thinking....honestly.
    Is this going to hurt?

  8. Eddie: Let's leave it in for now, shall we?

    My garage door that's been stuck for months just opened when I squeezed your cheek.

  9. Wanna know how to get it closed again? Saucy.

  10. Something tells me you're enjoying all these fellas getting beat up over a bloody remote.

  11. That Adler was a lazy cunt alright, the amount of stress when I can't find the remote for the telly or the one for the VCR, I could get a universal remote and find not only does it not work but I lose that one too.

    What kind of man lets his wife get the remote in the first place? he deserved to get beat up.

  12. Eddie: Cheeky cunt.

    Convict: I prefer a good bitch fight.

    Where’s that American psycho bitch Maidy today?

    Knudsen: Aren’t all men born with a remote as an extra appendage?

  13. WW has about 50 remotes!
    Why don't they make a remote that you can use for arm curls?
    Oh yeah then you would have to either put down the chips or your beer.

  14. HE: 50 remotes? Well he does watch a lot of curling.