Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog Day with Canada’s Wiarton Willie

Wiarton Willie

It’s Groundhog Day in Canada and a nation holds its breath as we wait for our albino ambassador, Wiarton Willie, to predict the weather.

If Willie sees his shadow, we’ll have six more weeks of winter. No sign of a shadow means an early spring.

Canadians appear to have recovered from 1999's Williegate scandal, as reported previously on Infomaniac.

Of course the Americans have to muscle in on our big Day with their own weather-predicting groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. An ugly bugger as you can see…

I’m surprised he isn’t waving a wee “Stars and Stripes.”

I leave Infomaniac’s Canuck readers (you foreigners can skip this bit) with a Hinterland Who’s Who video classic … the Woodchuck (Groundhog).

Canadians will either run screaming from the room at the first notes of the flute music or they’ll get teary-eyed and sentimental. Either way, Hinterland Who’s Who is an icon of Canadian culture.

And if you’re in Wiarton, Ontario today, be sure to head on down to the Wiarton Willie Festival.

Come early for the pancake breakfast and stay for the prediction.

UPDATE: Wiarton Willie predicts early spring!


  1. Yay! First!

    All this shite with animals predicting weather... fucking pathetic.

    No wonder the world thinks you lot are weird.

  2. Judging by the top picture, it looks as if he doesn't even live in the great outdoors anymore. Just gets out of bed, looks outside, says "it's fucking freezing. Bugger this for a game of soldiers, I'm going back to sleep for a couple of months. Go on - clear off with yer cameras and microphones. How would you like it if I came round to your house and started pestering you when you were trying to sleep? Fuck off, or I'm calling the police".

  3. Piggy: Oh we're just touching the tip of the iceberg here as far as Canadian weather predicting goes. Stay tuned for my next posting and you'll see what I mean.

    Spikey: Try to keep up.

    Wiarton Willie did, in fact, die on July 11, 2006 but his successor aka "Wee Willie," is alive and kicking.

    Betty: I had that same reaction when it was time to get up this morning. But when you know that the likes of Tazzy and Piggy are waiting for a response, you have your duty as a blogger to consider.

    Although, as usual, I'm tempted to tell them to fuck off.

  4. In my part of the world we consult Peter Penis about the onset of the rainy season. If he's standing up, we'll soon be soaked.

  5. Gorilla: You'll need your willies, erm, wellies.

  6. What would happen if Wee Willie was blinded?

    Top one just looks like a guinea pig to me ... an evil red-eyed guinea pig.

    I just wet myself.

  7. Convict: He'd have to take up blues guitar and call himself "Old Blind Willie."

    Or if he lost the use of just one eye, he'd be "One-Eyed Willy."

    Speaking of one-eyed willy, please try to control your "Herman the one-eyed German" when you're visiting my blog. And clean up that puddle.

  8. Fuck off, cunt.

    You Canucks are pissed because OUR groundhog is more popular.

    Learn to fucking deal with it.

    *wonders why Phil isn't carrying a wee stars and stripes*

  9. *walks through puddle onto mj's rug ... repeatedly*

    *notices that the smell improves*

  10. What's the point of having comment moderation on your blog if you never moderate them ... maidink?

  11. Maidy: Phil's only more popular because of continuous flag-waving from the U.S. over every single event and occasion.

    Them's fightin' words.

    Prepare for another bitch fight.


    *places Odour Eaters inside Convict's pants*

  12. Ohhhh, frog's nuts.

    I'm sorry, Convict.

    All done.

    MJ ~ Fuck off. Our groundhog can kick your grounhog's ass anyday of the week.

  13. And not ONE fucking word on the typo, picky Canuck cunt.

  14. Odour Eaters are great for filtering farts. Thanks mj.

    And I know mj's secret.

    Hmm word verification tnzvag.

  15. can't we all just get along?

    never mind, i just answered my own question - NO.

  16. Something else to club to death and hang from a totem pole EH?

  17. Maidy: Your groundhog needs to see a dentist about that overbite.

    Convict: A wad of flatulence filters stuffed down your pants couldn’t disguise the stench.

    Pink: Never mind, then.

    Spikey: You taste of stale poutine.

    SID: We’re not a bunch of unruly Irish over here, you know.


    I see you’ve caught onto the Canuck lingo in order to make yourself understood…barely.

  18. Ran 8 miles at lunch and did not shower! Thats why!

  19. Brilliant, MJ!

    And you're right, I'm sniffling from watching Hinterland Who's Who and listening to that eery music...

    Finally, I note Whiarton Willie's initials are also WW. I, however, cannot predict the weather.

  20. Free the Beaver! so do you lot not have weathermen and barometers? fucking 3rd world cuntries.

    Early Spring huh? that means everyone will be complaining about Global warming because its nice out.

  21. Spikey: You and Convict are stinking this blog up.

    *inserts room deodorizer up yer arses*

    WW: Don’t you have a "Brandon Bob" in Manitoba?

    Knudsen: Come back tomorrow to read about Canada’s number one method of weather prediction.

    In the meantime, just stick your digit out the window.

  22. Round here we just stick our cocks out the window.

  23. Farmer Giles: Now THAT'S worth crowing about.

  24. According to Al Gore we will be having an early spring every year from now on. Of course people pay about as much attention to him as they do to the groundhog.

  25. Pru: An early spring... is that why you're wearing your shades?

  26. MJ: that Hinterland bit!! Heartstrings I tell ya.

    Great post gal.

  27. Chelly: Thank you! The Canadianness of the moment can be increased threefold by eating poutine and drinking a Tim Hortons double double whilst viewing Hinterland Who's Who. But I don't want to toy with your emotions.

  28. today, groundhog day and all, was my first born's birthday.

    now i sit in my corner and cry because mj did not know that.


  29. Awa: I knew that. I just can't keep up, is all! Give a bitch a break.