Friday, February 16, 2007

Filthy Friday

The Make Your Own Dildo kit was designed to allow any man to make a completely accurate rubber copy of his own penis from the comfort & privacy of his own home.

And according to this question in the FAQ, even our bendy boy Stevey can make one!…

Q: What if my penis is crooked?
A: No Problem. The directions contain a simple additional step to accommodate any ‘curve’.

A couple of testimonials…

"Long-distance lovers and those on the road a lot can give girlfriends a remembrance of them to, well, hold onto while they're apart."
- Dr. Judy Kuriansky

"You leave it in there for about a minute, pull it out, and then you have the mold. Then you pour in the soft rubber stuff, let it sit overnight, pop it out in the morning, and you're good to go!"
- Tommy Lee

So go on, fellas. Tell us how you make out with the kit and we’ll post the pics on Infomaniac.


  1. First!

    Nothing else to add.

  2. Stay stiff for up to a minute? Jeezus!

  3. That's easy enough to do Frobi, as long as you've got some decent pron to watch.

  4. With my luck.. the mold won't come off!

  5. I have no use for such a kit. Would've made a great Valentine's gift though for some of my friends.

  6. well, i see most of the male version of the peanut gallery has spoken, now where is that irish one to give his? opinion! i meant give his opinion!

  7. ...The first step is to create a "negative" mold of your penis with the enclosed molding material and specially designed container...

    There is nothing "negative" about mine,thank you very much!

    Unlike Piggy who will have difficulty finding his in the first place.

  8. Great! Now I can suck my own cock without having to do all those boring stretching excercises.

  9. tick - way too much information, buddy. please stop sharing so much. kthanx. lol.

  10. ((eww))
    You can get this goop in 2 litre pails right?