Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where’s SID?

Stupid Irish Daddy

SID hasn’t updated his blog for a week.

And yesterday, not a single comment from the Oirish cunt on my blog nor on Tazzy and Piggy’s blog.

At first I thought it was just a case of him having his typing finger stuck up his arse, as usual.

Then I got to thinking that maybe SID had expired. Ceased to be. Gone to meet ‘is maker.

For a brief moment I rejoiced in thinking the time was ripe to raid his liquor cabinet.

But lo and behold if I haven’t discovered where he’s been hiding.

I think it’s safe to assume he’s still bloated and sleeping it off from overindulging at the Crawfordsburn Country Park “Potato Fayre.”


  1. He's there getting mashed

    *hangs head in shame*

  2. I think he's probably celebrating the bog trotters' Rugby victory over the English last Saturday. A shameful episode and all the English players should be fucked then burnt for losing. The Irish beat us for God's sake.


  3. CONVICT: Nice one.

    SID's half-baked.

    FROBI: Did you HAVE to bring that up?

    Over at T&P's on the weekend, SID reminded us far too many times that "Ireland beat England at Rugby in Croke Park."

    We couldn't shut the fucker up.

  4. Maybe SID poisoned himself with that pancake?

  5. CONVICT: More likely just constipated.

  6. mr. potato has been conspicuously absent lately. and you've posted stuff that has been right up his alley, too.

    mj - all you have to do is send him an email with a picture of a potato on it and he'll pop up. you know he's a sucker for a potato picture, the dirty oirishman.

  7. All that potato-related fun... do you think there are potato-themed fairground rides?

  8. i found a potato that was shaped like a duck one time. really. just like a duck. you know, a cartoon duck? like a rubber duck shape with the little 'flurp' tail and the bill? it was like it was swimming in the water. only it was a potato and so it didn't float very well. but it was shaped just like a duck that CAN float.

    i left it on my windowsill until it got all wrinkly and clear guck started seeping out of it and then i threw it away.

  9. PINK: Yes, I expect something will "pop up."

    BILLY: SID is only familiar with the Couch Potato Ride.

    i.e. The La-Z-Boy Chair with the built-in fridge for his Guinness.

    FN: Wrinkly with clear guck seeping out of it?

    Like SID's nasty bits.

  10. I've been putting forward the idea of internment camps for taigs in Northern Ireland maybe they started that, what a small world I used to go to Crawfordsburn all the time as it has a lovely wee beach.

  11. mj - eeeww, gross.

    first nations - eeewwww gross.

    old knudsen - translation please?

  12. KNUDSEN: And throw away the key.

    At least if SID's there.

  13. Crawfordsburn is full of wealthy English landlords..so they are first for the Hot Potato test.

    Your next MJ...

    *lights fire*

    SID *fucking password won't take*

  14. Internment camp or beach? no really this time I'm speaking the Queen's english, I used to walk me doggies along the sand.

  15. SID: So much for the peace and quiet around here.

    Put down your flamethrower you Fenian bastard.

    Knudsen: As long as SID understood you, that's all that matters.