Monday, January 15, 2007

Squeaky Clean

Day Three and still no filth on this blog.

To celebrate, let’s see how getting clean can be almost as much fun as getting dirty.

Caution: May be considered NSFW by our more sensitive readers. Let’s look in on these fellas having squeaky, clean fun, shall we?


  1. Ya First back,, except I dont want to be! Eeeeeeeeeek

  2. Give me a bucket
    Who wants to see pictures of Victor Buono (King Tut on Batman)in the shower..
    especially on a Monday morning?

  3. Spikey & HE: Don't say I didn't try to warn you.
    *adds Spikey and HE to "sensitive readers" list*

  4. He's looking down at the Ivory Soap advert and just longing to join in.
    Congratulations mj on making 'clean' dirty!

  5. How are Piggy & Tazzy anyway?

  6. Kaz: "Making 'clean' dirty"... that will look good as one of my skills on my résumé.

    Anon: You're wise to remain anonymous when they read your comment!

  7. Yeah, that pic was kinda scary.

    I wouldn't mind being a bar of Ivory soap in the pic below.

  8. Maidy: Any other bizarre fantasies you'd like to share with us? C'mon. We're all friends here.

  9. Eeeeewww! I was almost scared straight. Almost.

    Just before my retinas detached, I happened to notice how girlish Hairy Fat Bloke's hands are. Or is it just that they look small and girlish compared to his enormous bulk?

  10. Whoa! I checked out your blog this morning and what a site to be greeted to in the early hours of a Monday!!

    Hmmm, one can only wonder what the lovely MJ has in store for us tomorrow? :)

  11. IDV: A straight IDV doesn't "bear" thinking of.

    Chelly: Tomorrow? I haven't given it any thought yet. Now the pressure's on!

  12. IDV 'straight'? *pisses self laughing*

    Anonymous - Cheeky cunt.

    MJ - let us know the IP address of the 'anonymous' cunt and we'll exact some kind of revenge.

  13. Piggy: My lips are sealed.

  14. Well, I say you broke the no filth posting by posting that hairy dude.

    I almost burned my eye out with my cigar, I was so traumatized.

    Dang, MJ, that shit is nasty!!

    Unless, its a pic of your that case...Oh! He's soooooo cute!


  15. But really, if he ditches the beard, he'd be quite handsome....sort of looks like Tazzy!


  16. Awa: He may be hairy but he's clean!

    What are you doing with that cigar? Have you invited Bill Clinton 'round for cocktails again?