Friday, January 19, 2007

Filthy Friday

I did it!!!

Infomaniac remained filth-free for a week!

Never again!

Bring back the filth!!!

On today’s episode of Filthy Friday, we look into the wacky world of auto fellatio.

No, am I not referring to sex with cars…

Want to see the solo-artistry of autofellatio for yourself?

Proceed with NSFW caution, then, and visit Al Eingang.

Ya filthy buncha pervs.


  1. I have one thing to say about that guy shagging the car. I used to work a machine that made the square link wire fence behind him, ah memories.

    Ok I have two things to say about that bloke, yuck!

  2. Are there any humans who can suck themselves off or eat themselves out? Someone should organise a contest.

  3. That poor bloke. Even an 'Old Banger' couldn't fancy him - let alone and 'Old Boiler'.

  4. Damn, I knew I should have taken yoga!

  5. Yay, filth! The picture of the guy and the car is somewhat disturbing.

  6. have pic for next weeks filthy friday - will email!

  7. Old Knudsen: I’ll make an attempt to post pics of scantily clad babes soon for a change. I’m an equal opportunity filthmonger.

    Gorilla Bananas: Welcome! We humans aren’t as talented as you hairy lot. Were you at London’s Wankfest ?

    Kaz: That’s all right. I think he fancies himself.

    Spikey: Or have been born with a 10-inch, um, tongue.

    Billy: Keep your voice down. That’s one of Infomaniac’s readers.

    Frobi: Is it a pic of you playing (and winning) the biscuit game? Mmm.. soppy bikkies.

  8. Spikey: Look, I don't want to get up close enough to measure.

  9. I agree, the guy poking the auto is a very unnerving image.

    And I am not even going there with the autofellatio.

  10. Look, I don't want you to get up close enough to measure and besides, we use metric remember.

  11. Maidy: We all know you'll be clicking on the autofellatio link the moment you get home from work.

    Dirty bitch.

    Spikey: I wondered who the first pillock would be to remind me about metric.

  12. Why wait till you get home!! Nothing like living on the edge. Wonder no more MJ.

  13. Spikey: Maidy's probably watched all his video clips by now too.

    Maidy: Yes, you ARE that easy.

  14. Does anyone have the female version for me to borrow?

  15. Glad to see you've mended your ways and returned with abandon to the filth for which I know and love your blog. Good golly, but that man coupling with the exhaust pipe is, well, not sexy. How is that? Anyway, that red is not his color, either. Perhaps something more earth-tone?
    And the auto-suck guy - penetrating viewing, that. What strikes me as ridiculous is the fact that he leaves his glasses on - it's so peculiar to see a naked person with glasses on, especially when he's so up-close-and-personal with his subject, don't you think?

  16. I see Steve with his wee willy up a car exhaust!

    The dirty cunt.

  17. Spikey: No offers yet?

    Phlegmfatale: At least he took his socks off.

    Piggy: Carly's going to be pissed when she sees Steve in her lingerie.

    Filthy minger.

  18. Your therapists must be ecstatic!
    That last stunt could really backfire!

  19. HE: Therapists? What makes you think I need I need more than one? In fact, cheeky Canuck, what makes you think I need one at all? This blog IS my therapy.