Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pooper Scooper Barbie

You thought Barbie was all about ball gowns, high heels and dream houses.

But even tiara-toting glamour girls must be responsible citizens and clean up after their pooches.

Barbie feeds her dog Tanner a biscuit which looks remarkably like a turd. Tanner then poops out the bikkie and Barbie cleans up the resulting muck with her magnetic pooper scooper. View video clip here

And there’s African American Pooper Scooper Barbie too whose dog, oddly enough, is darker than Caucasian Barbie’s dog…

Ken is notably absent from the scene. That philandering fruitcake must be out cruising.


  1. Yayyyyy I'm first!

    Take that Pooper Scooper Barbie!

    And your little dog too!

  2. I'm startingto think I am the only one who doesn't sleep.


  3. Oh Yeah!

    And why is that dog eating his own shit?!

  4. Awa: I'm up. And the Brits will all be waking up soon.

  5. Is someone at Mattel a Corrie fan and Tanner is named after Elsie?

  6. I just make a big deal out of getting a bag out my pocket and pretend to pick up the doggies jobbies if people are watching. I wonder if Barbie does the same?

  7. Yes, I think we should be told, what's with a dog that eats it's own shit. I would never have a dog if I had to pick up it's shit - come to think of it this one is perfect for me, it can just turn around and eat it right up itself.

  8. Geoff: The name Tanner was chosen as Schmeichel was too hard for North Americans to pronounce.

    Frobi: You’ve arisen from the dead!

    I hope you have those baggies handy for your new Jack Russell friend.

    Tom: And isn’t feces an excellent source of nitrogen and phosphorus?

  9. I can't wait for The Girl's 1st Birthday!

  10. I tried buying that for Dink. Damn thing has been sold out since The American Thanksgiving.

    Followed the link.

    Saw my Ken.

    Now I have to get his boyfriend Secret Heart Ken. That way our Dragon German soldiers can stop molesting the poor guy.

  11. anyone notice how african american barbie is like, the tan version of caucasian barbie?

    i wonder how barbie stays so trim. and why is she always in those awkward positions...?

  12. still waiting to see a lesbian coulpe barbie,the ones with the pop out tounges.

  13. Spikey: It's never too early to learn responsible pet ownership.

    Maidy: From the pics I’ve seen on your blog, that little lady has enough Barbie!

    Ken’s a closet cockworshipper.

    Pink: How does she stay so thin, you ask? She’s …Anorexic Barbie.

    Geo: Geo: Here ya go…Lesbian Barbie.

  14. And we all know who Blow Job Barbie was modelled on.

    Don't we MJ?

  15. SID: You nasty filthy fecker!!!

    I’ll get my revenge.

    *bites down hard on hot dog*

  16. What's the yellow thing under the bin? A puddle of dog piss, or couldn't Barbie wait to get home?

  17. you know, barbie is leaning on that poor pooch. neither one of her feet are on the ground. and the dog looks happy for some reason...i wonder why?...

  18. IDV: Isn't there an Incontinent Barbie?

    Pink: I dunno either.

  19. Incontinent Barbie? For fuck's sake.

  20. Didn't Barbie used to have a sister?

    I reckon Ken got her pregnant and the family locked her up in a nunnery. This is before Ken went gay, obviously.

    Barbie should have a lesbian affair with Sindy, and Ken move in with Action Man.

  21. Piggy: But think of the accessories... Depends diapers, plastic sheets for the bed, etc. A whole new product line could open up.

    Kapitano: Right. Crackhead Skipper.

    How about a 3-way in the Victoria Train Station toilets with Ken, Action Man and G.I.Joe?

  22. Don't forget Stretch Armstrong and his amazing stretchy arse!

    "Stretch him as wide as you can - he'll never tear!" I think the slogan used to be.

    Dirty cunts.

  23. Piggy: Stretch had a dog named Felch...erm, Fetch.