Thursday, January 18, 2007

Help Me Clean Up This Blog, Dammit!

This floor could use a good scrubbing…

The floor, I said! My shoes can wait...

NOW you can clean my shoes…

Right. That’s the house done. On to the stables…

And do a PROPER job of it next time!…

Mistress MJ requires help with the housework.

Any volunteers?


  1. Ha! First! Which means I'll join you on the sofa with a bottle or seven and some chocolates, while the man-maids get to work.

    Piggy & Tazzy, make sure you have a wash before exposing yourselves in the skimpy outfits.

  2. IDV: Those lazy cunts have Tazzy's mum do all the housework.

    We'll teach 'em a thing or two about servitude though, won't we?

    *hands P&T the Personal Wipes box*

    Spikey: You do now!

  3. Where did you find that Ponyboys picture? It's actually for sale as a video?

    That was one of our personal at home videos. How did someone get hold of it?

    It looks like I'm going to have to sue somebody.

  4. Pony Boys wear trainers?? I figured it would be some sort of leather boot with horseshoes attached

  5. Betty: It's a bootleg copy I bought at the flea market.

    It's outselling the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee honeymoon video and all the rest of those celebrity sex tapes.

    I just love watching you and Geoff horsing around.

  6. Pamer: It 'behooves' Ponyboy to make a trip to the farrier.

  7. I know that Gerry Hall must be a bit short of dosh since Mick walked out - but you wouldn't think she's have to resort to Spanking the male Maid.

    Mind you - if it's OK for Gerry - Where's that hairbrush?

  8. Kaz: Jerry's punishing her old flame Bryan Ferry. Remember his song, "Slave to Love"? It all makes sense now, doesn't it?

  9. I thought I recognised those buttocks Betty - remind me not to come round your place anytime soon. By the way - why not just but a hoover?

  10. Mutley: It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? That Betty and Geoff are dark 'horses' aren't they? Somebody stop me.

  11. I've just come home knackered and she's got a handful of fucking sugar lumps.

    She'll be flogging a dead horse tonight.

  12. Geoff: I'm sure Betty will agree with me when I say it's time you were put out to pasture.

    Spikey: Salute me when you say that.

    Now get back to the windows. You missed a spot.

  13. In answer to your question, 'No!'

    *kicks IDV in the chunkies on the way out*

  14. Is that Celine Dion in the second pic?

    The mucky tart!

  15. Where the FUCK did the blog go??

    Stupid Canuck!

    What the fuck did you do???

  16. It was ALL WHITE.. one last hope in being clean....

  17. *grabs bridle and riding crop and goes looking for love in the detergent aisle*

    who mucks out after the ponyboy?

  18. Well you DO have nice legs.

    I thought my cabana boy days were over, but...OK. No brushes though.

  19. Piggy: Your French Maid outfit isn't back from the cleaners yet anyway.

    Tazzy: Yes, that’s Celine Dion with her slave, René Angélil. After a good boot-licking, she’ll trample his pathetic wee cock as she hits high C.

    Maidy: I thought the Blogger HazMat team removed my blog for sterilization.

    Spikey: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

    FN: Who mucks out after Ponyboy? Whoever leaves the next comment. Oh looks who’s here…

    WW: See comment to FN.

  20. I swear that'a Tazzy's ass in the last pic! Didn't he say he posed from publication!

    I betcha that's his arse!