Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Guess the Nipple

Yesterday we saw, or rather some of you attempted to see, Awaiting’s comely nipple.

The lovely Awa, however, is not the only blogger with beauteous nipplage.

Observe and appreciate . . .

Can you guess which blogger amongst us is attached to the nipple above?

The answer will appear tomorrow in this space.

ANSWER: It’s Tazzy’s nipple!

And we have a winner.

SID guessed correctly but I cruelly, yet with a smile on my face, removed his correct answer from the blog.

Awaiting (she of the comely nipple) is our runner-up for guessing Tazzy or Piggy as she recognized the nightstand and the odor emanating from their room.

Finally, a big thankyou to Tazzy for displaying his gorgeous attributes to us.

And thanks to Piggy for making Tazzy work it for the camera.


  1. Tazzy: Cheeky cunt.

    No, it's not me.

    You know I shave.

  2. MJ - Do I?

    I only have you word for that!

  3. Tazzy: And you know I'm bigger than an A cup.

  4. i know who's tantalizing tittage that is!
    and look! it's waving at me!
    1. part of a set
    2. does not adhere to a kosher diet

  5. Where's the other nipples gone? It's vanished!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. FN: Are you going to name names?

    Billy: To look upon both nipples at once would cause blindness. Such is the power of their stunning beauty.

    Comment Deleted: i.e. SID. Ha ha ha! Such is the power of moi being that it's my blog.

    Spikey: Nope. Not you, Canucklehead.

  8. Its tazzy or piggy. I'd know that nightstand and that odor anywhere.

  9. What do I win?

    Ha1 WV is sidgvw

  10. SID: You win a new exclamation mark for your keyboard so you don't have to use the number '1' anymore.