Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogging Roundup

It’s back! A peek at ‘the week that was’ with a handful of Infomaniac’s readers.

First up… Kaz.

Spencer Tunick event featuring 1700 naked Tynesiders

Kaz showcased the new Vaseline advert video.

Kaz and MJ discussed the possibility of smearing ourselves in Vaseline, getting bladdered, and showing up naked for the next Spencer Tunick photo shoot.

Holy Mammarambas! Feast your eyes on the nip of Awa!

Awaiting, attempting to break Tazzy and Piggy’s blog redecorating world record, has up and changed her frickin’ template again. So update your links (note to self).

Where was I? Oh yeah. As you can see from the photo above, she’s on again about the infamous ‘nipple’ pic. I say you can see nipple. She says you can’t. I say she should just get her tits out of her blouse and show us her jubblies once and for all and get it over with. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Barry Scott’s Cillit Bangercise Workout

Betty listed the runners up in the Best Keep Fit DVD On The High Street award.

Russell Brand: a thoroughly nice bloke with "wanker" written all over him.

Geoff gushed about his newfound love for Russell Brand.

nota bene: Betty and Geoff of Kent have signed on as the newest members of the Tazzy and Piggy posse. Welcome Kents!

Mad Eye Moody

American-Bitch-From-Hell Maidy shows us the first baby pic of her yet unborn Cyclops, “Mad Eye Moody.”

Geo, by the way, has been confirmed as the father of said Cyclops, proving that he really is Shooting 4 Fun.

Those Yorkshire cunts Tazzy and Piggy, bored with waiting for me to “get my finger out of my muff” and model the Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts, posted a pictorial suggestion on how I should pose.

The rest of their postings for the week were taken up by the same old moaning and whining you’ve come to expect from a couple of tired old poofters on the Dales. Well, to be fair, ONE tired old poofter and his virile superhero.

And their template changed yet again but finally, this time, for the better. It’s looking fab, actually. It pains me to say that.

Norn Iron’s biggest cunt

That Irish fuck SID’s been in a foul mood for a week. Ignore him ‘til he lightens up.

Steve pulled himself away from his Xbox 360 long enough to update his blog. But with what? That fucking annoying meme, that’s what. The meme that started out with Awaiting and then reached its tentacles out to Piggy. And now Steve is in its grasp. We are privy to such Stevey gems as…

Essential item you use everyday? “Wet wipes! I have at least one bowel movement a day, at least one. Toilet paper just does not do a thorough job of clearing out the crevice, so wet wipes are a must.”

There’s all manner of other shite on his blog this week too. I can’t explain it. Go see for yourself.

Carly, give him back his Xbox. Now.

That’s it for this week.

If you didn’t make the cut this week, try harder.

Post about your bowel movements or show us some nipple and you’ll get listed on here for sure.

And finally, give an Infomaniac wild welcome to our newest readers…

Old Knudsen of Old Bitter Balls


Gorilla Bananas of The Japing Ape.


Spikey of oot and aboot.


  1. yayyyy!

    I'm first!

    And off to bed now I am.

    But still, not before I say...NO NIPPLE!!

    Steve updated his blog! WTF!? I must run over there!

    Sid...I love foul moods...hell I am in one all the time.

    All piggy does is whine. Pathetic moaner he is.

    Mad Eye Moody! SO cruel! I think he looks like me! Maidy, is there anything you want to tell me?

    I'm off to check the other wonderful links and then to bed.

    And once and for all...NO Nipple!!

    Luv ya MJ!

  2. Awa, there is sooooo nippleage there.

    And is there something I want to tell you? Ummm, no, unless you want to claim you're the mom. In that case, YOU get to carry the little parasite for the duration of the gestation.

  3. Maidy: Spoken as one who knows a nippeloon when she sees it.

    Awa looks like she could feed the State of Mississippi AND Pennsylvania with those magnificent mammaries. Get her to breastfeed for you as well as carry the Cyclops.

  4. if there is ever a dairy shortage, we'll know where to head first.

  5. Sorry, bit I have studied that pic of Awa for 5 hours now and despite the fact that I am now completely dry, I can see NO nipple. Come on girls - wheres the nubbins?

  6. Maidy: To the Breastaurant.

    Stevey: Clean your screen. Wanker.

  7. I can't see no nipple neither.

    Mind you, I couldn't bear to look for very long.

    If anyone was gonna spot nipple, it'd be Maidy.

    The pervy cunt.

    Are we all geting an invite to E.T's birth, by the way? I wan't to see it come out like a scene from Alien, none of that popping out of the muff horror.

  8. Fascinating, MJ, a true collage of the week that was.

    Taz's post was remarkable, the ad was great and we will want a report from you and her when you return.

    I have cleaned my screen and can find no sign of areolae, nipples or any other bits on Awaiting's pic, but the cleavage itself is hugely impressive.

  9. Piggy: Maidy is gonna have your arse in a sling.

    *waits for bitch slapping to begin*

    WW: What a trooper for trying to find that elusive (but obvious) nip.

    Taz? Or Kaz? Or both?

  10. And majority rules!

    No nipple, just some well supported dried up bitties.

    I breastfed, Maidy...all four of my kidlets. And I am so DONE with that! One was a imagine the pain.

  11. Yeah, yeah. I bet you loved it!






  12. Damnit! I'll never make it onto the roundup! I showed everyone a picture of my hot toenails last week, what more do you want?

    Oh yes I've moved too. I'm now at so come visit me you cigar chomping old wench!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Look, ET is already trying to claw through my skin. , thank you.

    And of course all are invited to the birthing. We'll even videotape the blessed event. It'll be complete with Geo biting off the umbilical cord.

    What a man!

    Awa, I couldn't breast feed Dinker. The little creep had such a humungous head, they had to snip me twice for my episiotomy. Made sitting kinda difficult for a month.

  15. I know that not being able to sit down feeling quite well too.

    It's nice, isn't it?

  16. Yeah, but I had stitches. I was afraid to take a poo for days.

    Then it *really* hurt.

  17. Yes I am Maidy.

    *weeps solitary tear*

  18. Well, I can definitely see something of the nippular variety.

  19. Which of course is an anagram for

    Helpless Importance!

  20. Oh burst in do IDV...I was just replying to Steve cunt!

    Is it more the aerolic variety IDV?

  21. Midget Arse: Coeeeeee! Yeah, we missed you! Finally decided to come up for air after shagging your new man senseless, eh?

    Awa: "Bitty."

    *smiles knowingly at the Brits reading these comments*

    Piggy: I wonder if Jack's a biter.

    Pru: Email me a pic of your nipples and I'll include in next week's Roundup.

    Will visit your new digs when I get off work tonight.

    Maidy: Will the blessed event be on YouTube?

    Piggy & Maidy:

    *skips over your "it hurts to sit down" discussion and leaves it to the pair of you to sort out*

    SID: Takes one to know one.

    Maidy: Please don't make fun of El SID.

    *almost starting to feel guilty for calling SID a miserable cunt*


    *almost... until he started sobbing like a little girl*

    *enjoying hearing him whimper*

    Steve: Right. Email me a pic of your nipple and I'll post it tomorrow.

    IDV: There you have it folks. The man with the supernatural powers has spoken. Therefore, it is so.

    SID: So sorry you're still having problems with that helpless impotence. Didn't I suggest a book on that for you? Oh no. That was premature ejaculation. Dear me. You ARE having a bad week, aren't you? Poor sod.

    ALL OF YOU: I can't keep up! I'm at work and I don't have time to eat my sarnie! Just continue without me, bitches. You're doing swell.

  22. What?? You actually work??


  23. SID: I don't just work. I WORK it!!!

    *revives SID with a wee dram*

  24. Piggy you're just jealous.

  25. MJ:

    It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it...and do it...and do it...and then she goes and clamps up her blog like Fort Knox.

  26. Oh sorry mj..
    was there something after awaiting's cleavage...
    did you say something...

  27. I looked and looked and hoped for nipple but as usual I was denied.
    Thanks for the mention didn't expect it ,I'm also from Norn Iron though VIA Scotland in a loose way but don't tell the nazis if they come round asking about Hitler's gold.

  28. Piggy & Awa: Stop fighting, children.

    WW: Awa's blog is harder to get into than her... never mind. She's packing heat for Piggy and I don't want to get caught in the crossfire.

    HE: *ignores HE as he's still gazing upon the cleavage and won't be clicking on the comments*

    Old Knudsen: This is not a contest. The title of Norn Iron's Biggest Cunt is already taken by SID. And Piggy, though now in Yorkshire, is originally from Inverness... making him Scotland's Biggest Cunt. So you can't have either of those titles. What town do you live in now? I'm sure you're the Biggest Cunt of somewhere!