Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bitch Fight! Part Deux

(click to enlarge)

American-Psycho-Bitch-From-Hell Maidy and I are knackered from yesterday’s knockdown, no-holds-barred catfight.

The bitchfight was, if I may quote Dorset mong Steve, “Fucking clamtastic!”

We’re taking it easy today with a little light slap 'n' tickle session as pictured above.

Please leave a comment or caption on your way out.


  1. Yay first....yay for me!


    'After an excruciating 84 hour labour squeezing her latest litter of 7 out, Maidink was exhausted and the last thing she wanted was to have her slightly rank 4 day old placenta shoved back up her gaping orifice, especially by a Canuck cunt with a penchant for clam chowder! However anything was better than letting that Dorset stallion Steve get his filthy hands on it, who intended turning it into a fine meal with some fava beans and a nice chianti'

  2. Either of you need any sore bits massaged?

  3. Steve: You sick, twisted fuck.

    I understand you prefer to be addressed now as the "fine thoroughbred English stallion." I'll just call you Ponyboy.

    *attaches harness to Steve*

    Convict: I have some nasty callouses on my arse from commenting all day on yesterday's posting.

  4. Sorry, Convict. Geo is my official bits masseuse.

    And I'm not even touching Steve's comment. But I will let Carly touch my bits if I get to see the puppies, too!

    Oh, and MJ, I'll be like the one on all fours in the photo pose.

    get the paddle ready

  5. I'll get the orbital sander for your callouses then MJ.

    *wanders off whistling "Hi ho"*

  6. Convict: I hope for your sake that the sander's attached to a 10-foot-pole.

  7. steve's on a right tear lately. carly must be out of town or withholding for some reason.

    caption for pic:
    i thought we were only pretending to play ride the horsey.

  8. I know Maidy likes to chew through her restraints,but MJ's ALWAYS chomping at the bit.

    Think Pony Express.

  9. Damn being sick. I always miss the all the good stuff. Fucking flu.

  10. I'm sick too, I wish I could have joined in.fucking clap.

  11. awaiting - i thought your husband's name was jack. who's flu?

  12. Pink: Stevey’s spent too much time alone this week with Mr. ChatBot.

    SID: And you’re always chomping at the tit.

    Awa & Knudsen: Sickness is no excuse. I was counting on the two of you to officiate.

  13. Two of my lesser servants struggle for the right to bring me my morning coffe!

  14. la partie deux de comment beaucoup??

  15. Mutley: More like your morning kibble!

    Spikey: C'est incessant.

    On n'en voit pas le fin.

  16. Mj ,my dear I've got the real photo on my site and why were you on all 4's while maidy was sitting down?

  17. Ha..never thought I'd see anybody still trying out position 68...
    it faded from popularity for obvious reasons..except in Kansas.

  18. Geo: I was looking for a contact lens.

    HE: We're not in Kansas anymore.