Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Carly’s Cleavage

No nipple today but we have a lovely photo of our Carly’s spectacular Double D’s.

That Steve is one lucky bugger, isn’t he?

Attention Infomaniac readers: Email me a pic of your nipples or cleavage if you want them included here amongst the likes of Carly’s gorgeous gazongas, the sublime nipple of Tazzy, and Awaiting's magnificent mammaries. Feel free to go ahead and get yer tits out!


  1. give me a snail mail address and I'll send you a nipple, I've got loads.

  2. Lovely! But then again, Carly is one lovely woman!

  3. Nice! And that little beauty mark is something to behold...*slaps self in face*

  4. The breast thing I've seen all day.

  5. Knudsen: So kind of you to offer to send your superfluous nipples to me but a pic will suffice.

    And where exactly are these supernumerary nipples located on your person?

    Spikey: Yes, you are an ass, man.

    *ducks as Spikey throws his running shoe at my head*

    Awa: You're a couple of foxy babes. How about pics of you and Carly mud wrestling? I'll post them on Filthy Friday.

    WW: That's not a beauty mark. That's a speck of black pudding from her brekkie.

    SID: Oh but the breast is yet to come if you send me pics of your man boobies.

  6. Piggy: That's not what she told me you said when you fondled them behind Steve's back on New Year's Eve.

  7. But I was wearing asbestos gloves, so it doesn't count.

    And I did say 'yuk!' at the time.

  8. Piggy: Asbestos gloves? Were you giving Carly a loofah treatment?

  9. Nah, you are right. I am an ass!

  10. Shit, make up your mind, Canucklehead or Ass???

  11. Hopefully we will have ample uppertwotitties to see more of these in the future...
    OOPs..did I say that outloud??

    ((paging Doctor Freud))

    damn spellcheck is on the fritz..