Friday, January 12, 2007

Filthy Friday

Let’s get mucky!

In an effort to stem the rising tide of filth on this blog, Infomaniac will attempt to behave itself throughout the week, until Fridays.

Fridays shall be known from this day forth as “Filthy Friday.”


So there I was, innocently browsing in search of the lyrics to a Monty Python tune, when lo and behold I came upon (well, not literally) a website so filthy, I just had to link to it.

NSFW! Proceed at your own risk here.

You may wish to listen to the Monty Python tune as you peruse the pictorial to add to your viewing pleasure.

In this case, my Google search was for a song called, “Sit On My Face” but you can see where my search went horribly wrong.

Now, tell us…

What Google searches have led you to rather off-colour, unexpected results?


  1. Yay... I'm first - and it's not even Friday (you cheat).

  2. Your attempt to behave yourself every day of the week except Fridays is as likely to succeed as my pledge to only listen to West Coast rock music for the next couple of weeks.

    I think there was a song called Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks, which sort of ties in with the West Coast rock thing.

  3. He's not dead, he's sleeping!

  4. mj? behave? for more than 5 minutes? hahahahahaha. i'll believe it when i see it.

    weirdest thing to show up? - how to train your bunny. it went on to give a picture of a bunny beside the instructions. poor bunny. it's name was muffy.

  5. Pissoff: Welcome back, April! Yes, I'm a BIG cheat.

    Betty: Thank you for your unshakeable faith in me.

    Stevie has gained a considerable amount of weight since the release of that single. Facesitting may not be encouraged at this point.

    Spikey: Or he's just bored of the whole thing. Been there, done that.

    Pink: Another one of you cynics. I'll show y'all, dammit!

  6. Hmmm, I once did a search for Tazzy and Piggy and was led to a S&M magical dildo site. I mean, the pictures alone caused convulsions.

  7. While innocently looking for an online calculator.

    Orgasm Calculator


  8. Awa: Do you still have the link?
    *hopes they're not out of stock*

    6 + 6 + 6
    'M+' key
    6 + 6 + 6

  9. Is 5 familiar to you MJ?

    I bet it is?


  10. But....I like filth.
    seven days a week of filth is fine with me.
    filth, filth, filth. the more filth the better! make mine extra filthy, please!

    just, not the facesitting guy.

  11. Closely followed by C of course.

  12. SID: 5 sounds like you when I kick you in the bollocks.

    FN: We may have to take a vote on this.

    SID: I bet you hear 'C' all the time.

  13. Leave it MJ to make an interesting post about filth.

    I must be a boring Googler. I usually get accurate hits whenever I do a search.

  14. You give so much and ask so little in return..atleast that is what I told the nice lady at community standards..and here I thought that you were turning a corner.

    That guy is sooo's always the quiet ones eh?..ha those gals are PROS.
    Anyway he needs a copy of SIT ON MY FACE from Chinga Chavin's breakthrough album Country Porn...
    do you remember seeing it advertised in Playboy and Penthouse back in the 70s?

    Actually it was hilarious and probably as close to musical as C&W can get.

  15. SID: You dirty beachslut.
    2 ÷ 4
    2 ÷ 4
    2 ÷ 4

    Maidy: Did you just pay me a compliment?
    *marks date on calendar*

    HE: Chinga Chavin! Who can forget "Cum Stains On The Pillow"?

  16. I KNEW IT,
    I knew that you would know those tunes...
    I have found a few of them in the ether but nobody ever came out with a decent AM PORN collection to push on those latenight TV infomercials.

    "Dry Hum-pin in the-e back,
    of a fif-ty fiiiiiiive

  17. HE: Sing along...
    The seat’s too small
    My ankle is sprained
    My wad is shot
    My pants are stained