Friday, July 14, 2017

Nude Day Meets Bastille Day

Hold on to your hats, Bitches...

Today we celebrate both National Nude Day and Bastille Day (aka "la Fête nationale" or "le 14 juillet") ...

and, of course, today is Filthy Friday.


  1. I say, no one can combine events like you dear and still keep it tasteful.

  2. Bastille day - it was a bloody farce in 1789, and ever since.

    Atypical photo of Jean Pierre here - no gitanes, no p'tit rouge, and what happened to his baguette ?

  3. Don't let Donald see him!
    He'll have Macron deport him.

  4. ♫♪ Allons z'enfants de la potterie... ♫♪

    Yes, a big farce, as are all revolutions.

  5. I'd rather celebrate that guy's nakedness than that orange buffoon who happens to be in paris right now! Sweet Mary Sunshine, but I fucking HATE "45" and all that he stands for! Huzzah for National Nude Day and Bastille Day! xoxox (and fuck "45")

  6. Le Gasp at Savvy's swearing! This is a family blo- Wait a minute... Oh, yes. carry on, Savvy :)

  7. I saw the sea.... I saw long legs... I thought it was Mr Devine.... and then I wondered why I was looking from the bottom up?