Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Jockstrap Cup

A jockstrap is fine for supporting your "vital zone." But if you've ever received a slap shot to your "swimsuit area," you'll know that what's really needed is protection.

Enter a Canadian: Jack Cartledge.

Jack (who was a jock) filed a patent in 1927 for the hard-cup jockstrap while working at his father’s company, Guelph Elastic Hosiery. The cup was marketed under the name "Protex."

If you visit the Guelph Museum, you'll find a full-size Protex jockstrap and cup. (Your 2017 travel destination, Guelph, Ontario: Jockstrap Capital of the World.")


The Guelph Museum also houses a pair of miniature novelty jockstraps. These tiny jockstraps were stretched around highball glasses. The Mistress remembers similar mini novelty jockstraps from her family's cocktail parties, back in the day. "Hilarious!," thought a young Mistress....

So the next time you receive a blow and you walk away relatively unscathed, thank Canadian ingenuity.


  1. My cup runneth over. Psalm 23:5

  2. i will not be catching one of these with my teeth.

  3. Oh, that's what they are! I've been using one as a soap dish all this time...

  4. And I've been using one as a pasta strainer for years. Jock straps were not well known here in Oz... I guess we just had tuffer nuts... except on the cricket pitch... always wise to wear a box as I recall...

  5. God bless the Canadians.

    **wipes tears as placing chaste kisses on Mistress feet as is proper**

  6. A bit difficult to drink out of, methinks... Jx

  7. I am a firm supporter! My jewels thank you, Canada, for keeping them safe!