Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bookshelves and Bookcases

Show us your bookshelves, Bitches.

It all started when Mr. DeVice asked "As I've shown you mine, will you show us yours?"

The Mistress has not yet taken up the challenge. Nonetheless, for your viewing pleasure, we have provided links to those Bitches who have answered the call.

Mr. DeVice's bookshelves here.
(A sci-fi/fantasy fan's wet dream)

LX's bookshelves here.
(doubles as a room divider)

Mitzi's bookshelves here.
(includes lube)

Dinahmow's bookshelves here.
(complete with autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy)

Did I miss anyone? Oh yes, Norma's bookshelves, below..


If I've forgotten anyone, please let me know. And if you decide to display your bookshelves for our critical judgement, er, approval, be sure to tell us.

UPDATE: Muscato's bookshelves here.
(royal biographies and bibelots galore)

Mago's bookshelves here.
(More books than your local library!)

Miss Scarlet's bookshelves here.
(Mavis Cheek and MORE Mavis Cheek!)

Mr. Peenee's obscure bookcases of delight here.
(Stacks and stacks!)


  1. I have yet to see any residuals from those bookends.

  2. The Braille book-end's a nice touch... Jx

  3. Huh, from the looks of the bookend, I expected the books to be American, not German...I thought Europeans prefer their ends uncut...

  4. The Empress decided one day to surprise me by tidying up my bookcase. When I got home I discovered that the bulk of my gay literature collection had been binned! Well they were rude books anyway was her only defense.

  5. Well, I've done my duty, Mistress - and thank you for the fodder. Nothing quite so entrancing as the above on my shelves, I fear, however...

  6. Makes me want to peruse again and again and again.

  7. I have taken a photo.... but I am feeling so lazy....

  8. ... bloody amateurs ...

  9. BITCHES: This post has been updated to include links to Muscato's bookshelves and Mago's bookshelves. Both worth a look.

    1. Updated AGAIN to include Miss Scarlet's bookshelves.

      And she's promising to photograph her bloomers next time.

  10. So many shelves, and so many books! I must try harder to broaden my reading range.

    * notes that Mitzi's shelves are very similar to one's own - in shape, organisation, and content *

  11. This post has been updated again to include Mr. Peenee's obscure bookcases of delight.