Friday, January 23, 2009

Filthy Friday

Since becoming a member yesterday of Blogger’s “Content Warning” club, we wondered, “What can we post for our first xxx-tra Filthy Friday?”

So we dug into our photo folders and found our most objectionable image…

Piggy’s arse


  1. 2nd?? Dammit!

    This is way too tame. Unless I missed something sticking out of that guys arse?

  2. XL: XXX!

    We can see that this image pleases you however it is not necessary to slobber big wet kisses all over Mistress MJ like a puppy.

    HOODCHICK: Allow us to introduce you to longtime Infomaniac bitch Piggy (so longtime that he’s one of our first bitches).

    Together with his hunk-of-burnin’-manlove Tazzy, the pair of them together are Yorkshire’s Biggest Poofs, Tazzy and Piggy. Click on the link under the pic to visit their blog which is finally up and running again.

    Really, you won’t find bigger poofs if you were to personally hike over the Yorkshire Dales straight through to Penistone.

    Anyway (Piggy’s favourite word) Piggy’s arse is legendary.

    Don’t stand downwind from it.

  3. I am disgusted at the content! Ha welcome to my world they didn't warn me about one blog and just censored it. I've been looking to put that warning up on mine before some cunt gets the idea and you end up unsatisfied at not being able to kill some whiny coward.

  4. Speaking of whiny cowards isn't it a coincidence that ............

  5. For gawdsake Woman now that you have a content warning USE IT!
    Piggy's bottom is a delightful reprieve from the usual parade of depraved old wrinkly wanker-dudes and my personal favorite, happy-upbeat-retro-porn, I'm pretty sure it's the hairdoos?

    Don't you feel edgy?

  6. Did he sit in something or does Tazzy wear dark blue lipstick?

    Can't make out what is on his arse...

  7. KNUDSEN: I believe it was The World’s Greatest Blogger who once said to me, “There are no coincidences.” We are inclined to believe him for he is wise and is “the man that others call when the situation is such that civilised people flap like headless chickens and pee doon their legs.”

    Or perhaps it’s just some loonie who is offended by GIANT UNDERPANTS.

    *runs GIANT UNDERPANTS up the flagpole and salutes them*

    DONN: Don't you feel edgy?

    I always feel that way after a night with Old Knudsen but I have some ointment to take away the edge.

    PONITA: Piggy has an Arsenal tattoo on his ample buttocks.

    Click here and scroll down to the second photo to see a close-up of Piggy’s arse and the tattoo.

    Don’t be frightened. It doesn’t bite…much.

  8. I was expecting more somehow.

    Oh well. Here's a big **SMOOCH** to Piggy's arse.

  9. YAY its Piggy Wiggy's Ass
    Its been away for so long *sniff*

  10. Shocked and appalled.

    Couldn't you at least have covered his ginge head with the giant underpants?

  11. Typically British. A mauve bum.

  12. My God MJ - you've done it now.
    They'll ban you from the whole of the internet.
    (....copies pic of Piggy's arse to keep up the tradition when MJ is gone.)

  13. The arse is quite offensive.

    I like Freddie Ljungberg though.

  14. Ah yes, Nowhere Man, wie abstoßend! Ungeheuerlich! The sight of this arse is offending to me, my feelings are hurt. I'll sue!

  15. good choice mj...and thank you for not posting something to make me vomit this morning...i was

  16. Content warnings add a bit of spice.

    Lovely (not the picture)

  17. I'm guessing this is a stop on the homosexual train! I see the welcoming committee is showing off the local points of interest!

  18. Why don't you have one of those things in the content warning asking if I'm over eighteen?

  19. BOXER: Here's a big **SMOOCH** to Piggy's arse.

    You don’t know where it’s been!

    BEAST: It’s the triumphant Return of Piggy’s Arse!

    GARFY: Couldn't you at least have covered his ginge head with the giant underpants?

    Too late now.

    The GIANT UNDERPANTS are on their way to Ponita’s horse in Winnipeg.

    SCARLET: Typically British. A mauve bum.

    How do you British women put up with it?

  20. KAZ: (....copies pic of Piggy's arse to keep up the tradition when MJ is gone.)

    Don’t forget to make copies of Tazzy’s superior botty as well.

    Unlike Piggy’s arse, it doesn’t resemble a dropped pie.

    CYBERPOOF: Here’s a photo of Freddie in his Calvin Kleins.

    Don’t say I never did anything for you.

    MAGO: Mistress MJ would like to post a photo of the muscular Mago arse but it’s safely stored in her private collection.

    DAISY: thank you for not posting something to make me vomit this morning

    Funny that as Piggy’s arse usually makes everyone vomit.

    You must be immune.

  21. BILLY: Content warnings add a bit of spice.

    In the words of Joni Mitchell…

    I'm a pretty good cook
    I'm sitting on my groceries
    Come up to my kitchen
    I'll show you my best recipe

    EROS: I'm guessing this is a stop on the homosexual train!

    It’s the red-eye train.

    BETTY: Why don't you have one of those things in the content warning asking if I'm over eighteen?

    It automatically remembers that you’ve been claiming to celebrate your 18th birthday for the past (insert number here) years in a row.

  22. Is Piggy gripping it on iether side to stop it wobbling ??

  23. Congratulations. On what, I have NO idea.

  24. You've finally GONE TOO FAR.

    every time i see that i keep expecting to hear the phone ring. and then....

    and then....

    no, its too horrible to contemplate.

  25. 27th!!!! I forget, does everyone always make that joke? I'm becoming redundant in my old age. I like the cheery tush pic, thanks!

  26. Fuck. Nations got in there and stole my 27th thunder. 29th!!!

  27. Have you had a bite of Piggy's butty?

  28. I checked out the link to the close-up of Piggy's arse.... the starfish is cute... not sure about the arse, although you can see all the freckles in that pic.

    Is that a Howitzer tattooed there? If he farts with the same amount of force as that type of gun, he could shatter a few windows... which would get expensive in the long run... and a bit drafty.

  29. I dread to think how many times that pic has been published on the fucking interweb.

    I've nothing else to say on the matter.

    Except that you're all a bunch of cunts.

    And that Beast (Oh, hello!) is only jealous because mine actually fit's in the picture without being photographed from 600 yards distance.

  30. Oh Piggy, that is funny.

    The starfish was just the right topper for my 2 drink minimum!

  31. I try to never miss a filthy Friday but this week I am thouroughly dissapointed.


    *passes out, falls into large shuddering crevasse*

  33. CYBERPOOF: The pic of Freddie Ljungberg made your day?

    Or Piggy’s arse?

    HEFF: I’ve no idea what I’m on about half the time either.

    NATIONS: Just DON’T go there.

    LEAH: Consider yourself crushed by Nations’ thunder…thighs.

    Some would pay for the privilege.

    KAZ: Butty or botty?

    Please do not confuse the Canadian public with your odd Brit speak.

  34. PONITA: Those aren’t freckles on Piggy’s arse…

    They’re liver spots.

    PIGGY: Your arse is visible from space.

    HOODCHICK: Please do not encourage Piggy.

    RICH: Well maybe you should cancel your subscription!

    NATIONS: A crevasse?

    You’ve just plunged into Planet Piggy.

    Startling, considering how big the guiderails are.