Friday, January 16, 2009

Filthy Friday

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  1. I've only played Snooker and Pool, this must be Balliards, nice job Leah you beat me this time but the next time we meet...........

  2. Consider their eyes and mine covered!

  3. I don't care where you're from that's gotta hurt!

  4. Click 'play'.... I want to see if she can sink it in his hole....

    And yeah..... definitely ouch!

    *peeks between fingers covering eyes, cringing but curious*

  5. I'd use a bridge.

    check out that alabaster moontan. combine that with the black socks and oxfords...? oh yeah. he's a brit.

  6. What if that chick misses the ball...YEOUCH!! Stick up the arse!

  7. I can't see why anyone would ever put themselves in that position. Sticks and balls break his bone and maybe his spirit too

  8. it's obviously the woman's first time breaking balls or she wouldn't have to take so much time aiming...

  9. Blast! Carnalis beat me to the 'brown' line.

    * huff *

    Oh, well. I'm going to, anyway:

    "I wonder if she'll sink the brown?"

    * storms off *

  10. I'd rather see some footage of Bill Werbeniuk leaning over a snooker table and breaking wind if I'm honest with you.

  11. Yes Nations, a typical Brit... they always keep their shoes and socks on if nothing else...

  12. I confess. At least I won't have to post it myself now...

  13. That's no cure for blue balls.

  14. I can count 6 balls on the table - but that woman certainly has balls as well.

  15. CLACK!

    Don't think that it will help to faire le queu ... Maybe it's british birth controll?

  16. Fammy, obviously you did a total body shave.....

  17. LEAH: You just wanted to be on top of Knudsen.

    KNUDSEN: Just lie back and take it.

    CECE: Nobody but me knows what you’re talking about…as usual.

    DONN: Even if you’re from FRANCONIA?

    PONITA: Not everything you see on the Internet is a YouTube.

    NATIONS: check out that alabaster moontan. combine that with the black socks and oxfords...? oh yeah. he's a brit.

    Well spotted, Ms. Nations.

    But where are his sock garters?

  18. RANDOM: Shish kabob.

    CYBERPOOF: His joystick doesn’t seem to be bothered.

    CARNALIS: Points!

    DAISY: We were all beginners once.

    IVD: Someone’s spit his dummy out of the pram.

    BETTY: Try not to overexcite yourself.

  19. SCARLET: A knitted vest would have completed the look.

    FAMMY: It’s about time you got your Famularse back here.

    MAXI: Oh I can think of a few.

    KAZ: I’d like to see what she can do in a bowling alley.

    MAGO: The socks and shoes are all the birth control I need.

    XL: Like this?

    PONITA: *leaves this space open for Fammy*

  20. Some people go to any lengths to stop girls from beating them

  21. I suppose so, but the person with the cue and the tacky nails hasn't hit the ball yet. At least not the brown one.

  22. BEAST: Just like your MANFLU always has to top my cramps?

    CYBERPOOF: I bet you want her shoes.

  23. Oh, that is good.

    Happy Filthy Friday.

  24. According to YaHoo Answers you need to have your balls properly cleaned.

    First, clean the balls with a dry cloth to remove any dust and other particles.
    Then apply some of the polish, about the size of a penny, and using a separate cloth, work the polish all the way around the ball.
    Then using a third dry cloth, wipe off the polish and set the ball in a tray to air dry...YIKES!

    If you have the original box that the balls came in with the foam inserts, that works perfectly. (Mommy!)

    You really don't need to bring soap and water into it, but it won't hurt anything.
    Avoid using any kind of wax not specifically designed for billiard balls. It can leave a buildup on the cloth and the tip of your tongue."

  25. Rich hasn't gone anywhere, much like my posts.

  26. BOXER: It’s a good thing?

    I’m not sure Martha would agree.

    DONN: Advice taken.

    A position is now open for a Houseboy as “Ball Polisher”.

    Takers, anyone?

    KNUDSEN: I swear Rich’s blog disappeared this morning.

    And before you ask, no, I’m not vacationing at Club Meds.

    GEOFF: And she might want to rough it up.

  27. She's a ball buster!

    That's not how you break pool balls!

    Clearly needs work on her technique. Let's start from the basics, beginning with her rack.

  28. EROS: Shouldn’t you be in bed?

    I thought you caught a dose of Beast’s MANFLU.

  29. No thanks.

    Are you sure it's a she?

  30. Geez, I hate it when the guy doesn't even take his shoes off.

  31. CYBERPOOF: Friend of yours?

    HEFF: Dirty pool, eh?

    PRU: Me too!

  32. Those shoes look very familiar