Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hardhouse Arse

We here at Infomaniac appreciate the glory of the male physique; particularly the male buttocks.

Why, it was just last week that we showed you the splendour of Famulus’ bare bottom.

Why keep you in suspense any longer than necessary? Today we are proud to present, all the way from Bournemouth, England …


Modesty prevents our Hardhouse from stripping down but I’m sure you can appreciate his fabulous form, clothed only in his Ginch Gonch.

We are proud to add Hardhouse’s arse to our glorious collection of Alluring Arses.

Everyone together now, chant…



  1. VOICES & GINRO: You came quickly as I posted this just minutes ago.

    Were the pair of you sitting there waiting for British bum to appear?

  2. And they say the English Arse is a saggy one (possibly filled with exotic fruit?). I'm glad to see that Hardhouse is proving the doubters wrong.

  3. looks like you have kept those thigh muscles toned...very nice...very....mmmm

  4. Hardhouse seems to have lost an arm somewhere......I shall be worrying about that all day , even more worrying is the Brut deodarant on the shelf

  5. Thanks Cyber Pete, they were a gift!

    ID: No room for bananas in there I am happy to report. It's probably my Welsh roots that prevents my arse sagging like an English arse.

    Scarlet and Daisy: Shucks *blushes*

    Kylie: Keeping everything from spoiling the shot.

    BEAST: Don't worry BEAST the arm is holding a hair brush while I lip sing to Madge in the mirror.
    The only Brut in my home is ME!!

  6. The only Brut in my home is ME!! butch!

  7. KAZ: Geoff is part of my private collection.

  8. TICKERS: Ginch Gonch is a Canadian company (Hardhouse loves us Canucks) and they have wedgie contests!

  9. Hardhouse is a hardarse not a lardarse!

    (And try saying that when you're drunk.)

    I bet he's a top.

  10. I have two pairs of underpants that I bought whilst in Luxembourg. They are very special underpants. They each came with their own belt.

    I kid you not.

    I am very proud...

  11. If you need a belt to hold up your undies, they are way too big!

    Why not model them for us, Fam? So we can see what they look like with that belt!

    And perhaps a frontal shot rather than a bum shot.... ;)

    By the way, Hardhouse, you have a lovely arse.... too bad it isn't in the buff.

    *hands Hardhouse a bottle of Jamiesons to obliterate his inhibitions*

  12. Oh go on take your pants off Mr Hard. Fammy did it... You know you want to...

  13. Fammy would like it publically known that the previously mentioned arse shot was a rare and personally revealing moment from The Famulus. This sort of thing does not happen often. He does not expose any part of his anatomy regularly (except under the volumnous bubbles of the glorious jetbath).

    So... The only way that anyone will be getting a 'front shot' is by sending him a sample of their 'own work' first. He will then respond in kind. Photos will not be published. Photos may not be published. Fammy will send over The Army of the Evil Overlord to anyone publishing anything unpalitable and claiming to be the Body of The Famulus. You have been warned...

    Fammy is shy.

  14. Brave man to have a set of weights so close to the sink. Aren't you afraid you might trip over them or stub your toe when you stumble in half asleep or full blown wasted?

    It looks like you're polishing the hardware with your left hand. No wonder the cabinets looks so firm and well maintained.

  15. wedgie contests! That can't be legal

  16. I see you too have a bottle of JPG Le Male.

    I'm not keen the scent but I love the bottle.

    Now go on, take those lovely underoos off mate. You know you want to.

  17. The only Brut in my home is ME!! butch!

    Ooooo for god sake , I am too ill to laugh

  18. I bet he's got "Sponge Bob" on the front of those.

  19. Well my goodness, Hardhouse! Heres another vote for 'He's a top!'
    I always figured you had a fine ass! come on, baby, slip 'em down! he's even got coppens beat out. DAMN HARDHOUSE! *fanning self briskly*

    methinks 'Fammy' protesteth though 'Fammy' knows theres photographic evidence of him already out there, souvenir of a night spent overindulging in the twin vices of hard liquor and too much time on ones hands. oh yes. *initiates "Fammy Fanny' search*

  20. a.b.
    I bet spongebob is smiling, too.

  21. BITCHES: Well, this certainly is a nice turnout for a British bottom viewing.

    And by bottom, I mean BOTTOM.

    Yes, Kapi, you’re ALL bottoms!

    *waits for Hardhouse to step of the dancefloor and defend himself and also answer you all personally*

    Note to Hardhouse: With bottom-baring comes responsibility on this blog.

    Another note to Kapi: Hardhouse is a hardarse not a lardarse!

    Ha! Though let it be publicly stated that the staff here at Infomaniac love a fat bottom as much as a firm bottom.

    Now I must run and hide from Betty.

  22. p.s. From this day on, Fammy will be addressed as Femmy.

  23. That is not even worth it...we need a BARE ARSE!!! I'm chanting...TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!

  24. Really very nice! I don't have one quip to make!

    I say leave it on, I like a bit of mystery.

  25. I bet he's a top.

    Come find out Kapitano, we're in the same boat apparently!

    Such positive comments about my arse makes me uber confident for my date(ish) tonight. Thanks!

    Frobisher: You never called!

    I am now considering a shot Ginch Gonchless but that will only be for personal collections and all members of Xtube... or if Fammy and BEAST do it, I will too!

    Sponge Bob?? Oh pleease I am a Balamory kinda guy. Spencer the American is at my front...

  26. nice ass, sugar..and really cute undies, too! ;) xoxo

  27. Will you be posting Boobs too? I do like a nice pair of boobs!

    Chants GET YA BAPS OUT FOR THE LADS!! (moobs too)

  28. HARDHOUSE: Here’s my baps. (My face is concealed by a pair of Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts but the girls are on display).

    Yes, fellas, bring on yer man boobs for us to ogle.

    BEAST has quite a set of moobs and MANUEL (our favourite Irish waiter) has a pair on him too from what I understand.

    And what about you, Hardhouse? Mistress MJ would like to see your taut little titties.

  29. Fammy, my darling, you can hide under the bubbles but I am so right there with you!

    Moobs and boobs shots.... there's fuel for another post, MJ! Have a contest to see who has the best cleavage! Beast might win that one.... even over and above some of us girlie girls. Cleavage only - no faces - make everyone guess who is who and who has the best rack.

  30. I just hope Betty isn’t reading this.

    And not just because I have a photo of Geoff’s bottom in my personal collection.

    Over at her blog, she’s admonishing the nation for getting its tits out.

    And it’s “Femmy” not “Fammy”, may I remind you.

  31. 8:00 pm in the UK.

    *ASSumes Hardhouse is out on his hot date by now*

  32. Gok Wan's glasses would steam up if he saw my arse.

    Let alone my tits.

  33. After viewing that pic my heat sink promptly bust, and I've spent the entire day trying to fix it. Your pictures should have a warning sign MJ.

  34. I took those pictures of Geoff's arse, y'know. They are very tasteful, arty and black and white though. Very much influenced by Man Ray - or is it Ted Ray?

    (MJ now has to Google Ted Ray).

  35. GEOFF: I have no further comments to make about your tits or arse.

    *looks accusingly at KAZ who got us started on this topic*

    GINRO: Infomaniac will not be held responsible for your faulty plumbing.

    BETTY: Ted Ray?

    *looks puzzled and Googles*

    The comedian or the golfer?

  36. Madam you are incorrigible, lol.

  37. FirstNations: I have no idea what you are talking about... Nothing happened in Spain, I wasn't given pot and I didn't get us all banned. But Simon did feel Rob up in the taxi to stop him throwing up. That I will admit to. Sort of.

    And WTF is all this Femmy about? You've really lost me there...

  38. Is he peeing in the sink at the Dating Service employee break room?

    [vows to keep toothbrush locked in desk]

  39. GINRO: What are you doing here?

    Don't you have a pipe to be fitted?

    FEMMY: Femmy Femmy Femmy.

    XL: Men are such pigs, aren't they?

  40. MJ: Femmy obeys Mistress. :-/

  41. What's all this about pipes? A heat sink is part of the c.o.m.p.u.t.e.r. that keeps the cpu cool, lol.
    I spent half the day running round trying to buy a new one. No one anywhere had the one I needed, so I came home and did a bit of D.I.Y. And before you infer anything else, lol, I mean that I did a bit of fixing. I took the hot sink apart and mended it, sort of. Time will tell if it lasts until I can get a new one.

    Not that you'll be the slightest bit interested, but I have also recently discovered that I am allergic to chocolate all of a sudden. How and why I haven't a clue, but if I eat any my hands suddenly blister up and it's rather painful. But seeing as I love chocolate so much this was something of a blow.

    On the bright side, I popped into a book shop and found a book called 'Yojokun' which wasn't supposed to come out till next month. So I now have a first edition. WooHoo.

    And now I am knackered, so I will bid you all adieu, till the morrow.

  42. cor

    are they technically tightie whities?

  43. FAMMY: And put a smile on your face.

    GINRO: A heat sink is part of the c.o.m.p.u.t.e.r. that keeps the cpu cool?


    How would I know?

    I have houseboys to repair that sort of thing.

    CARNALIS: They're technically tight is all I know.

    Look how the fabric is straining!

    Probably from trying to contain his massive manhood.

  44. meh.....seen better.....distinct lack of hair and no garish duvet.....poor effort

  45. MANUEL: Just because you have an heroic arse, there's no need to get snitty.