Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Manuel’s Favourite Post

It’s time for another installment of Your Favourite Post.

Today’s submission comes to us from Manuel in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It’s entitled, “Eet as cow sheets in it…!” and you can CLICK HERE to read it.

Note: If any more of you bitches want to submit your fave post, click here for more information.


  1. Master Danladi Majah12:37 AM, December 09, 2008


  2. Ha! That was a funny post. I've said things that came back and bit me in the ass, too! I'm surprised Frenchman didn't ask for champagne!

    I used to live in Atlanta, the home of Coca Cola. I refused to drink Coke; I'd take a Pepsi over Coke any day. Of course, back when I was drinking soda, my fave was Mtn Dew!

  3. Ha Ha Ha , good post , Manuel is more than just a perty ass

  4. I love expression on the cows face.

  5. I don't read Manuel due to his political leanings and that hes a cunt, I only comment on him.

  6. P.S Yes Hayley does return from Africa. And Blanche's lines get even funnier.

  7. omg i know where ballygowen is...lol...been through there on the way south once...not much there but cows and sheep...lol


    *resumes house boy position under the sink until desired again*



  9. MDM: No Irish pork allowed on this blog!

    Oh wait. You're from Inverness.

    You may stay but please refrain from farting.

    BOXER: You ARE first since technically the first commenter is a pig.

    RANDOM: There's no need to be catty.

    EROS: A number of Infomaniac's bitches would like to bite you on the ass.

    BEAST: And unlike you, Manuel does not find it necessary to use his bottom as a fruit basket.

  10. CYBERPOOF: I love expression on the cows face.


    KNUDSEN: Manuel is quite a decent chap for a Fenian.

    I see he's still in your "Gallery of Wankers" along with the Diocese of Leeds.

    SCARLET: One of my many fave quotes from Blanche Hunt is, "I want a foreign bit! Tracy's got her Moroccan kidney. Why can't I have a Polish hip?"

    DAISY:Then don't wear your ballgown to Ballygowen.


    It's a Scottish pig...no, not that one.

    The pig lives in the Yorkshire Dales via Inverness and is welcome to stay providing he wipes his muddy trotters.

  11. ball gown...ball gown...i don't need no stinkin ball gown!

  12. I'm not from Inverness!!! I mean I mean...no! Erm...

  13. Oh alright I confess, the first one was me, and it was actually my second comment. Mistress MJ didn't like the first one and deleted it, lol!

  14. I'll have a nibble at Eros' ass. I'm sure it is very cute!

    But not Manuel's... it is too hairy... I would need to floss.

  15. That cow must be cooked at least to medium-rare judging from the size of that brand.

  16. DAISY: But ballgown sounds more like Ballygowen than do hip waders.

    GINRO: You?!

    In the first comment from you (which I deleted) I assumed you were a spammer.

    But then you gave out an "oink" ... a dead giveaway that it must be longtime Infomaniac bitch Piggy.

    He used to let out an "oink" now & then to announce his presence.

    I almost emailed him about the deleted comment.

    He wouldn't have had a clue what I was talking about. Ha!

    PONITA: Manuel's arse is my hero.
    Never speak ill of it again.

    XL: I wouln't know as food preparation is the houseboys' job.

  17. Ponita , Manuels Ass comes with built in floss , just gnash your teeth a bit

  18. Well I can see why you thought I was from Inverness:

    You thought it was spam
    Spam is made with pig meat
    Irish pig meat is poisonous at the moment
    The Scots originated in Ireland
    Inverness is in Scotland

    There you see? Perfectly logical when you think about it, lol.

    Although actually I live in NW England (think Kaz) but am a Southerner. So no, I have nothing to do with Inverness.

    But MJ how the hell did you think it was spam? You're such a girl sometimes, lol! Will you marry me?

    It started off:

    "I am Danladi Majah , The only Son of late Counsellor Gríma Grimbeth Majah of the Kingdom of Rohan.
    My father was Chief Counsellor [equivalent to Prime Minister] to late lamented king Théoden of Rohan. In his position my father altogether legally and correctly acquired significant assets throughout Rohan in order to protect the Kingdom from enemy forces within and without. In the course of lamentable events succeeding, my father was illegally deprived of office and expelled from the Kingdom.
    Before this he had with foresight already entirely legally deposited gold worth US$4.5m with one of the Africa leading Banks in Cote d´Ivoire of which I will let you know if you identify your interest . While in exile in the north he was assaulted and murdered by a band of northern Orcs. My family was obliged to seek refuge in northern Dunland among some of our sympathisers.
    My father left to me all documents..."
    etc. etc.

    Now go and read Lord of the Rings.

  19. BEAST: Ponita is obviously not prepared to put in the time nor the effort.

    Only we can appreciate the glory that is Manuel’s arse.

    GINRO: Lord of the Rings, Bored of the Rings.

    Mention of my bank account led me to believe it was spam.

    Piggy is originally from Inverness but now lives in Yorkshire and is known to appear out of nowhere on my blog just to say “Oink”.

    Hence the confusion.

    You can make it all up to me by sending me your credit card details.

  20. Wow. I really thought it was Piggy, too.

    Then I looked more closely and realised that it was actually cow shit coming from the cow's arse, not Piggy, after all.

  21. "Oink"!!!!

    Which fucking imposter uttered that word?

    I'm horrified, disgusted and affronted that you'd allow such a thing!

    "Oink" indeed!


  22. Oh and who's from Inverness?

    I'm a wee Inverness boy, as you know.

    Fuck. There's another one escaped then.

  23. Oh bollocks. I've read all the comments now.


    3 comments all at once to make up for the absence.

    You are fortunate and lucky!

    *glares at IDV*

  24. IVD: Ha!!!

    And the smell of tainted pork would naturally lead us to believe it was Piggy.

    PIGGY: *speaking of pork products*

    Hello wee Piggy!

    *makes introductions*

    Ginro, Piggy.

    Piggy, Ginro,

  25. It just looks like it's both mad and bored.

    Do you think it's bored of having mad cow disease?

  26. That was funny but I am definitely not a Coke Conspiracist so I cannot truly appreciate the indignation of his lack of remuneratory recompense.

    I find the entire sordid business of dining with Russian Mobsters alarming and frightful. These gigantic ex-KGB agents could snap your neck like a chicken bone and and pass a polygraph one minute later.

    As for insulting Frenchmen..this is demanded for they thrive on negative attention, especially whilst dining out in public, and they desperately desire the chance to express their righteous indignation in loud Joey-French tones bleh bleh bleh bleh and you can bet your bottom dollar that they're hoping against hope that you cannot fully comprehend if they are actually insulting you or just societally and mentally challenged.

    This nagging disparity between knowing what the f*ck they are talking about and simply not caring, stops the object of their derision from beating the crap out of them.

    Since I can swear and seduce fluently dans la langue de l'amour I find it intolerable when I hear what appears to be a tirade of disgust is simply a list of household appliances that sound terribly insulting in French.

  27. i see i was in FINE FORM last night...

    *pats self on back*

    sooo.... mannys fav post eh?

  28. CYBERPOOF: Bovine boredom.

    Beware as they could take up arms.

    DONN: I’m not sure you’re up to seducing in any language after your little procedure, are you?

    BEAST: I think Piggy’s gone back to his pig sty.

    It’s the Yorkshire equivalent of your stinky duvet.

    VOICES: A typical night in the Voices Compound, was it?

  29. typical indeed. i do remember having to close one eye so i could see past the beer i was drinking on the way home...

  30. Being an INTJ my social skills are zero so I can't seduce fluently in any language.

  31. VOICES: You might want to drop in here on Thursday to show off your skill on the dance floor.

    Oh, I've said too much already.

    GINRO: If you have zero social skills, you won't be interested in what's happening here on Thursday.

    But more about that in Wedesday's post.

    It's probably enough of a social shock meeting Piggy today.

  32. *starts shining shoes and ironing shirt*

    y'all gonna have a barn dance?

  33. VOICES: Not so much a dance as an occasion where dancing might break out after a few beers.

  34. quality post....."perty ass" ha!

  35. MANUEL: A quality Irishman with a perty arse.

    What more could we ask for?