Monday, May 19, 2008

Who’s The Biggest Queen?

Today is Victoria Day in Canada: a day in which we celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

In honour of The Queen, I wanted to post a pic of Infomaniac’s biggest Queen.

I had difficulty making a selection what with so many of you queens to choose from but I finally settled on this one…

Queen Piggy of Barnsley

Over to you now.

Who do you think is the biggest Queen on Infomaniac?

And if you think you’re the biggest Queen, what would you do to take Queen Piggy’s crown away?


  1. FIRST!

    piggy makes a lovely liz!

  2. NATIONS: It’s the way the blue of his eyes matches the blue of his frock.

  3. we have all seen Piggy's Annus Horriblis! will it be gracing thenew five pound note ???

  4. Oooh, this competition could lead to a lot of hair pulling and bitchslapping. Awesome.

  5. Hey! Piggy's Queenier than me?! One thinks not.

    See? One says 'One' a lot when describing oneself.

    * pulls MJ's hair *

    * wig comes off displaying wispy, scabby old scalp *

    * hurriedly replaces wig *

    Besides, I think we all know that the Queen of Denmark is by far the queenier...

  6. Moi?

    We think we are not so queeny here in Denmark. Although we are very royal

    Good bless Denmark.

  7. Fighting talk is always a good start to this Monday morning (Victoria day)

    Where's Prince Tazzy? Can't have one Queen without the other.

  8. Piggy is certainly the Queen of Queens - but CyberPete is a lovely princess.

  9. knudsen.....obviously......he loves the queen n that......

  10. The Queen has lovely jewelry; I especially like her 4H badges; what were they from? Pig raising? Recycling?

  11. i agree completely with kaz...and am staying back a little from the fight...i have one waiting for me at work this morning and am sharpening my um...nails...i mean i am nicely shaping my fingernails...yeah that's it!

  12. Eros he got them from a Christmas cracker.

    Daisy: I agree with Kaz to. He is the Queen of Queens.

    *curtsies at Piggy*

  13. BEAST: Queen Piggy will be on Canada’s new 20 dollar bill.

    The 20 dollar bill that I’m using to buy cheap tat for my next compo.

    DINAH: Perhaps I should have made THIS the next compo.

    I don’t have any sparkly enough tat to give out as prizes fit for queens, however.

    IVD: Leave my wighat on my head.

    You came this close --- (actual size) to having your head Photoshopped onto the body of a very old, very wrinkly queen who was lounging on a throne and hiding his candy.

    How does one feel about THAT?

    CYBERPRINCESS: Kaz is right.

    You’re Princess CyberPetra of Denmark.

    TATAS: Tazzy is far too butch for our consideration.

    Although his sceptre IS bigger than Piggy’s.

  14. PIGGY: Don’t you have any ribbon cuttings to attend?

    Or troops to inspect?

    KAZ: I agree with you completely about the lovely Princess CyberPetra.

    Do you think (s)he can replace Princess Di in our hearts?

    MANUEL: Knudsen just wants to DO the Queen.

    Not BE the Queen.

    By the way, could you cater Piggy’s coronation?

    EROS: Those are Piggy’s Gay Merit Badges.

    DAISY: Are they acrylics?

    Mind you don’t snap them off.

    TATAS: Curtsy?

    You bend at the knee quite a lot, don’t you?

  15. We promise as a Princess we will only shag young strapping stable boys and gardeners

    We are not into geezers

  16. Tatas can curtsy? I wouldn't have that it possible with those thighs.

  17. that=thought.

    Fucking keyboard. I blame Kaz for it.

  18. CYBERPETE: Being a Princess is not all about shagging, you realize.

    There’s plenty of charity work to be done.

    And shoe shopping.

    PIGGY: Tatas can indeed curtsy but a fire may break out from the friction of her thighs rubbing together.

    I blame Kaz for the wasp that’s flying around my PC and at any minute could sting me causing my comments to sound even more ridiculous than usual.

  19. i'm too new to know, sugar, so, i'll just sit this one out! xoxo

  20. Well I may shag an unworthy as part of a charity project

    uh shoes!

  21. SAVANNAH: Trust me when I say it’s Piggy.

    Though there are some major runner-uppers clawing at the hem of his ermine garment.

    CYBERPRINCESS: Will they be expected to repeat, “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy” as they receive the great amethyst orb of your Royal sceptre?

  22. Piggy can't be the Infomaniac Queen. "Bunch of fucking cunts?" That's not the sort of language our own dear Majesty would use. Prince Philip, on the other hand ...


    You’re not getting any younger, you know.

    BETTY: YOU’RE one to talk, Miss "done her up the bum and it'd just come out on her white dress".

    I was blissfully unaware of Les Dennis and Amanda Holden until YOU came along.

  24. Did Tatas just fart when she curtsied ???
    Frobisher is maintaining a regal silence !

  25. I'm sitting out with savannah... only been here a week.

  26. I knew some cunt would say me, that Manuel is on my list and not for OBEs. I vote for IVD have you ever noticed how totally ghey he gets on? I think he might be a don't ask don't tell type.

  27. BEAST: Frobi is out having the crown jewels polished.

    If Queen Piggy is unable to carry out her royal duties, runner-up Miss Frobisher can step in.

    BOB: That’s okay.

    All you have to do is agree with my choice of Queen Piggy.

    KNUDSEN: IVD is ghey??!!!

  28. One is not amused.

    * addresses manservant *

    Feed them to the Corgis.

  29. IVD: I've heard the leaked sex tape of you whispering to Prince Charles...

    "I want to be your butt plug."

  30. Just here, watching.

    I will be happy to help crown the winner, however.

  31. BOXER: It’s all part of your plan isn’t it?

    You’ll rig it so that Knudsen wins and has to give up his cap to you so he can wear the crown.

    You think you’re so clever.

  32. i am not queen material.
    i'm ok with it.

  33. CHER: I picture you as more of a serf.

    I have some laundry that needs folding if you're finished cleaning the windows.

  34. That photo scares me. Not that it is frightening, but that I am mildly attracted to it.

  35. Damn, I thought you'd be too drunk to notice my crafty plan. I actually envisioned taking the crown myself, but then realized it's all a bit "showy."

    That cap WILL be mine someday.

  36. AWA: You're drunk again.

    BOXER: Your head is too big for a crown.

    Why don't you just put a cardboard box on your head?

    The kind of cardboard box the washing machine comes in.

  37. yes, i often consider myself a peasant bound to the land and subjected to some degree to the owner.
    so do you own your own land that i am bound to or do i contract myself out? like a self employed serf?

  38. Nothing wrong with my thighs. Cheeky bastards. Connie has never complained about my thighs, so HUSH!!
    Piggy: I give you compliments and you throw it back in my face.



  39. CHER: You’re free to come and go as you please as long as you complete all the tasks on my list by sundown.

    I prefer men to do my bidding, however, so you’ll only be contacted every now and again.

    TATAS: Nothing wrong with your thighs that a little cellulite cream can’t help.

  40. ahh, i see how it is. as long as i know where i stand. or when to strap something on.

    so, as you wished, a new post all shiny for you;)
    it's definately not my best work, but has, non the less, been on my mind.

  41. CHER: An enjoyable post.

    Now keep it up on a regular basis or I'll have to make you remove your hat.

    How long have you wanted to be a man, anyway?

  42. I'm not a Queen. I am a Crone. But I do have this jewelled butt plug...

  43. T-BIRD: That's no jewelled butt plug.

    That's the amethyst knob from CyberPrincess' sceptre!

    Give it back.

    He'll be wondering where it is and he needs it to deflower young, unworthy commoners.

  44. Indiana Jones and the cap of Old Knudsen.

  45. KNUDSEN: I recall a storyline where you (portrayed by Sean Connery) spent hours looking off into the distance and farting and scratching your balls.

    Was that the same movie?

  46. God save our gracious Piggy.

  47. oh yeah?

    Wait. Crap, you're kinda right.

  48. TICKERS: You're the karaoke queen, are you not?

    And you wear a towering Carmen Miranda fruit headpiece as your crown.

    BOXER: In the unlikely event that your head shrinks, you can cut eyeholes out of the cardboard box.

    Don't get caught in the rain.

    A cardboard hat is not the best choice for Seattle.

  49. hmmm, I'd say I've wanted to be a man for about 36 hours? give or take. Well, until you suggested it really. Damn the power of suggestion!
    But I am really glad you didn't suggest something like a goat or a cop. I don't want to be either of those things ... I think...

  50. if the queen was piggy and came from barnsley I wouldn't demand that she be hung from the lamp post.

    Infact I hear piggy IS hung like a lamp post.

  51. *clinging onto the buttplug ready for a Dynasty Style catfight with Pete*

  52. CHER: Let us know when you decide what you want to be when you grow up.

    HERGE: Your sources are mistaken.

    Piggy is hung like a matchstick.

    T-BIRD: I won't be butting in on that one.