Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Naked Cowboy

No, not New York City’s Naked Cowboy.

I’m talking about Infomaniac reader Eroswings: the Texan Naked Cowboy.

Eroswings seen here modeling The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts

Y’all know you wanna see him nekkid, don’t you?

Finally you have your chance.

Eroswings emailed me a photograph of his hot bareback self and said I could share it with you.

Break out the KY and whatever else you need for such momentous occasions ‘cause here he is!…

Is it hot in here or is it me? I gotta crack open a window.

And now a personal note to Eroswings:

Boy, you gotta keep doin’ those pushups (I’m sure one of our readers will volunteer to lay under you and count to a hundred) and sit-ups because if you don’t, this is what could happen…

Do I have any volunteers from our audience to assist Eroswings in his workout?


  1. Yes, yes and thrice yes!!

    Ha Ha! Beat you, CyberPetra!!

  2. 1, 2, 3, errrrrr ..

    Sorry. I have to start again.

    1, 2, 3 ..

    (ad infinitum)

  3. umm.............................. what was the question again?


    Bugger that picture of Eros just can't leave me.

    Bugger still forgot the question.

    *scrolls back to eros pic*

  4. MMM - very nice Euroswings.
    Is that Mr Knudsen in the last photograph?

  5. and people wonder why cowboys are watched so closely...we don't want to actually hear what they have to say but the view can be fine...

  6. The old guy looks sweet as well - kinda crinkly and friendly.. Donna Tartt tells me toilet you know she does not carry a toilet seat around with her and she cannot imagine why you started this rumour...

  7. IVD: Oh put your tongue back in your head.

    CyberPetra must be delayed at LegoLand as he hasn’t arrived yet.

    EROS: We’ll expect monthly photo updates to see the results of your workout.

    BITTERSWEET: Which parts of your body are you using as an abacus?

    TATAS: Don’t hurt yourself trying to “thinik”.

    KAZ: Mr. Knudsen has relocated from Killamory to California but I don’t believe his range extends to Texas.

    DAISY: Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.

    MUTLEY: It is my advice that you stay off the toilet seats off all authors, not just Donna Tartt.

    The hint is in her name…TARTT.

    With a double “t” for goodness sake.

    Surely that should be warning enough.

  8. Bloody cheek. Careful gf you don't get a tit slap

  9. Holy C'Boy Hats Batman

    In Texas they have a saying for poseurs.."that feller is all Hat and no Cattle"..
    this obviously does NOT apply to the perfectly sculpted subject of your exposé.

    I am certain that most of your clientele would need very little 'prodding' to steer them into taking this bull by the horn.

    Sure beats all of those corpulent, wooly, bewhiskered, micturating, octogenarians that you normally expose us to...although you soemhow felt the need to temper this 'feel good piece' with the photo of the old codger who was all Hat.

    MJ giveth and MJ taketh away.

  10. No, that's not Knudsen.

    **checks soul and asks why, why, why**

  11. TATAS: Instead of slapping me, why don’t you put those big old tatas to use and breastfeed Eroswings?

    DONN: “MJ giveth and MJ taketh away”

    It is written.

    BOXER: How can we be sure it’s not Knudsen?

    Now that he’s in America, perhaps he’s given up his cloth cap for a cowboy hat in an effort to assimilate.

  12. *hisses at IDV*

    pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me

    IDV already has his mind set on Timothy anyway that greedy bugger

  13. heres a shock people there are more than one older gentlemen out there, oh you mock while you can but you'll be old in no time.

    the correct term is 'cowpoke' and I think he forgot to put clothes on, I'll take yer word there are shorts in the picture.

  14. CYBERPOOF: If Eros picks you, he’ll be picking glitter out of his manbits.

    KNUDSEN: I’ve seen your t-shirt that says, “Cowboy butts drive me nuts.”

  15. That's just so...lickably creamy smooth, with bumps in exactly the right places.

    Half cowboy, half luxury yoghurt.

  16. Love photos of nekked cowboys: young or old. I'll take what I get git, ya'll!

  17. KAPI: They say calcium is good for your "bone" development.

    RANDOM: First it was Ryan Reynolds, now it's nekkid cowboys.

    You're insatiable!

  18. True MJ but I'm make sure there is no glitter in the wrong places

    Oh and I think I sat next to Old Knudsen on the bus today. Does he cough a lot and smell of pee?

  19. I'm getting bored with Timothy, Cyberpetra. He's not been showing nearly enough flesh lately. Here's hoping your trunks post inspires him?

  20. I know IVD has he ever before exposed himself to us when I wasn't looking?

    Let's hope he does indeed get inspired. We can't have him dressed ALL the time.

  21. CYBERPOOF: I don't know if that was Knudsen sat next to you but if it was, he'd be coughing up glitter from being so close to you. And a sequin or two.

    IVD & CYBERPOOF: Just pretend I'm not in the room, why don't you.

    Carry on. I'll just file my nails.

  22. Of course I did: You saying "IVD did you hear anything?". But other than that, no, CyberPetra.

    I remember that Tim once showed a bit of leg, chest and arm when he'd won some medal for running or cycling or something. Mmmmm....

  23. CYBERPOOF & IVD: Why don't the pair of you get back to your underwear catalogue?

  24. MJ, I'm hormonal and have no control over my libido. I'm either ice queen or freakish in between.

  25. Right now I'm freakish nympho...sounds like a super hero or something. Duh, duh, da, comes FREAKISH NYMPHO to save the day!

    Okay, I'm bored.

  26. RANDOM: Did you hear that fellas?

    Random is bored and horny.

    Get her NOW while she's hot!

  27. How about I just stick them in your mouth to shut you up.

  28. Is that *really* eroswings?

    I am so going to visit Texas if the men are like him... meow!

  29. TATAS: They're too big to fit.

    T-BIRD: They're not all like Eros.

    Case in point...George Bush is a Texan.

  30. *sigh*

    when you're right, you're right, sugar! ;-)
    thank you!

  31. Lmao, I thought your mouth was big enough.

  32. Oh... you're right. Well, eros more than makes up for Bush. All is forgiven, Texas!

  33. OMG




    *repeats in her head ..*

    I'm a married woman
    I'm a married woman
    I'm a married woman
    I'm a married woman

  34. LMAO Maidy, You drooling over the last picture?