Thursday, May 08, 2008

Celebrity Arse – David Boreanaz

Hey CyberPete. Rub-a-dub-dub, let’s make love in the tub

Today’s request for Celebrity Arse comes all the way from LegoLand or Denmark as it’s officially called.

CyberPete wishes to see David Boreanaz’ arse.

Actually, CyberPoof made a quintuple request for the arses of Paul Walker, Paul Muldoon, Matthew McConnaghey, Matthew Perry and David Boreanaz but I’m restricting him to just the one arse for being such a greedy guts.

(David Boring-arse / David Bore-anus)

And just for you, CyberPoof, you can watch David’s arse in motion as it walks away here.


  1. Look MJ if you are doing the Buffy cast in the Buff then here is one vote for Charisma Carpenter...
    you might want to try Baywatch Season 5 episode 5 WHAT?
    It's just a hunch.

  2. DONN: Now just you hold your horses.

    You already put in a request for Celebrity Arse and it didn’t involve carpenters, charismatic or not.

    You opted for Monica Bellucci or Kylie Minogue and since I already posted a pic of Kylie’s arse the other day, you’re done.

    Good day to you.

  3. No, it's GOOD day to me!

    I have no idea who he is, but I guess it's obvious... it doesn't matter.

  4. To think this all started with Piggies times have changed.
    Pigsty must feel so used

  5. This fella is certainly no Angel; he has no Bones about going Buffy for These Girls!

  6. I've never really seen the attraction of Bore-anus, but he does look OK here.
    I still much prefer Jakey's arse, though.

    * goes back to look at Celebrity Arse - Jake Gyllenhaal edition *

  7. Speaking of Jake - I saw Donnie Darko last night - and I haven't yet seen the Lighto.

    Re Boreanarse - doesn't do it for me - no pebble bouncing today.

  8. BOXER: Eroswings has painstakingly laid out the answer for you in his comment.

    He’ll want sexual favours in return for his efforts.

    BEAST: So what you’re really saying is how used you feel as you’re not the Arse Flavour of the Month anymore.

    EROS: Boxer will be grateful for this detailed information.

    *wonders how she’ll show her gratitude*

    IVD: I have no idea what CyberPoof sees in BoringArse.

    When CyberPoof gets home from work, he’s going to make a scene about how I’ve portrayed BoreAnus as a BoringArse.

    Hopefully by that time I’ll be too busy at work myself to take notice of him.

    KAZ: Take a page from IVD’s book.

    Would it help you to go back to look at Celebrity Arse – Thierry Henry edition?

  9. *yawns, sips coffee and rubs temples. tries not to barf from last nights drinking*

    ahhh feck, more ass??? at least its not "old guy cock and sock day"....

  10. I'm not familiar with this guy, but his ass is indeed quite slapable.

  11. VOICES: I'll make up for it on Friday.

    PRU: Go on, give it a good thwack.

    I'm not touchin' it.

  12. i remember you said something about warm liquid?

  13. This arse is pretty weak if you ask me...I need a little more hump in my rumps. But, I think I'll just look a little while just incase...hee hee.

  14. VOICES: I'm surprised you remember in your hungover condition.

    Old Knudsen may or may not be involved as well.

    RANDOM: Knudsen has a hump, if that's what turns you on.

    Mind you it's on his back but nonetheless.

  15. Thanks MJ

    I appreciate it! Now excuse me, I'm off to try and find that DVD.


  16. CYBERPOOF: You should have no trouble finding that DVD available as you appear to be one of only a few who want to see his arse.

    BITCHES: I'll be gone for several hours as I'm busy at work.

    In my absence, please refrain from vomiting on my blog or emitting other bodily fluids.

    Thanking you in advance,

  17. saving the warm fluids for friday then?

    *looks around and pees in potted plant on mjs porch*

  18. Woooaaah! I nearly slipped over in something. I think CyberPetra found that video...

  19. Ooooops!

    Sorry IDV, we'll let MJ clean it up when she gets back as SOMEONE used all the tissue paper

  20. See I'm not the only one who likes him

    Boxer AND Savannah do too

  21. FINE!
    Then where's Monica?

  22. That's no anus, it's an anunculus.

  23. I watch everything he's in, but can't lust after him.

    He looks like my brother. Seriously. Not dead ringers, but enough to be "ew".

  24. ***wipes knob on MJ's curtains***

  25. VOICES: Why can’t you use the toilet planter over at Nations’ house?

    IVD & CYBERPOOF: What have I told both of you over and over again?

    Go before you leave the house!

    SAVANNAH: Please do not encourage CyberPoof.

    CYBERPOOF: You’re all welcome to him.

    Why don’t the three of you give him a big group grope?

    DONN: Someone needs a good spanking.

    Don’t think that just because I’m 2,305 kilometres away, I can’t manage it.

    MAGO: Eh?

    T-BIRD: Maybe you can fix your brother up with CyberPoof.

    BEAST: Get that filthy thing out of here!!!

  26. a good arse is so hard to find...

  27. Tee hee! My brother is engaged to an amazonian super model look alike, but there was this one time that a ghey friend of ours realise he was all about the cock because of my brother's flirtatious ways.

    Maybe there's hope for you, Cyberpetra!

  28. Can you not have comments without taking my name in vain?

    I want some charisma.

  29. KNUDSEN: Comments about you are in my contract.

    If you don't like it, talk to my solicitor.